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Thread: Poker Tsunami retreating?

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    JK. Guest

    Default Poker Tsunami retreating?

    Is the Poker Tsunami finished or is it just retreating,to come back once again just as ferocious and destructive as it did about ten years ago.
    Is this the quiet before the storm?
    The numbers are down,poker rooms are closing,the money is not arround as it was before,players are returning to jobs and study,TV rarely shows poker,poker is banned in many countries and the Tax man is about to pounce on poker winners in most countries.
    Will the Tsunami come back?
    What do you think?

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    Yorkshire Pudding Guest

    Default Re: Poker Tsunami retreating?

    I think it is quite an unsettling time right now in the online poker world. The dot com versions of sites have seen France and Italy ring-fenced and most recently Spain. What we need to happen is some universal regulation and taxation practices so that the player pools are open again to everyone.

    The WSOP is usually a good gauge to how healthy the poker economy is and if you notice the pros are playing more and more $1,500 games whilst the $10k Pot Limit Hold'em didn't even get 200 runners.

    Hopefully it is the calm before the storm

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    dr_protocol Guest

    Default Re: Poker Tsunami retreating?

    Correct observation JK. I only attend bricks and mortar providers and have no interest in the online poker world,and therefore can't comment, but I'd put a figure of about a 10-15% annual recession over the last 3 years.

    Conversely I'd say sports betting has grown 10% over the last 3 years. Can't see either trend magically reversing. Can't see the global financial situation improving for many years to come so the gambling dollars will continue to shrink. As I have said before, Melb, Syd, Perth and Bris will survive due to population sizes, all the other poker rooms in Oz casinos will close over the next 2 years.

    I've cut back myself. Saw the writing on the wall when GC Jupiters pruned their hours a couple of months ago. More and more of the time I spent travelling to mainland casinos is now consumed with ASX company research across the biomedical, rare earth mining and alternate and renewable energy sectors waiting for the stock market to turn around in a couple of years. And it will. The ASX is the best place to do some real gambling.

    Times change. If you don't have a responsive change management system in place you don't stay on the wave.

    This is my final post in here. Doesn't seem to be any point anymore (Maurie Pears says hello by the way JK as we reminisced about the Canberra start up era last month and how Arthur now trudges around the Star like a lost soul for the odd 3-card game....not the future I want for myself). Good luck to all punters in the their gambling travels and adventures.

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    JK. Guest

    Default Re: Poker Tsunami retreating?

    Hi Dr-Protocol,
    I hope it is not your last post as your contribution is very respected.
    Sorry to hear about Arthur.He is an example of happens to you if you just play poker and have nothing else in life.
    I like Arthur so I am sad that he never found another interest in life.
    He is lucky that he has an outside income so he will never be desperate but I was hoping he would do some travel or at least find a wife to come home to.
    When I visited the clubs in Adelaide I saw many poker hot shots in similar position as Arthur.
    No life just a lot of pathetic poker memories.
    Nothing wrong with playing poker,I do it every day,the trick is to find other interests to mix with poker.
    Actually someof these lost souls have found another interest to combine with poker.TAB and Sports betting.
    It is like jumping from a frying pan into the fire.

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    SwoopAE Guest

    Default Re: Poker Tsunami retreating?

    The boom ended around the time they passed the UIGEA. The poker market receded further after Black Friday, and has since stabilised. It'll boom again when they legalise online poker in the US, but it's never going to experience the post-2003 unprecedented growth it had from 03-06. The two things that will be huge in the future are legalising online poker in the US again, and when Zynga (which runs facebook poker) launches a real money poker site.

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    JK. Guest

    Default Re: Poker Tsunami retreating?

    Hope you are right SwoopAE.

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    SwoopAE Guest

    Default Re: Poker Tsunami retreating?

    It's in a bust period right now, and the boom has already happened, and poker isn't going to die out any time soon. The poker economy's going to stay around the same size for a while until the legal climate worldwide changes for better or for worse, and what happens with Zynga and/or legal online poker in the US will determine the size of the poker economy for the next 5-10 years or so

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    Yorkshire Pudding Guest

    Default Re: Poker Tsunami retreating?

    If Zynga can come into the online poker world and the US opens its doors again then I think we are all going to be swimming in fish infested waters!

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    Baron Vo Mandor Guest

    Default Re: Poker Tsunami retreating?

    Poker rooms are closing, is their a dedicated poker room left in Sydney?

    And no people have woken up to dodgy operators at a pub level and your average joe is comfortable turning up to star city on a regular basis.

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    PlsNo2Outers Guest

    Default Re: Poker Tsunami retreating?

    I had this same conversation with a couple of Melb people at Crown. As JK said, there are alot who have gone busto gone back to "reality" of life jobs etc.

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