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Thread: Lederer,the filthy crook.

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    JK. Guest

    Default Lederer,the filthy crook.

    I see by the Pokernews disclaimer that they don't believe any of the lies in his interview.
    Neither do I.
    He reckons he was shocked to find out the financial situation of the company.
    The crook spent most of this money and he was shocked.
    He should be banned from all poker venues and all tournaments ,for life.
    He and his mates Ivey,Ferguson and many other pros who lived of the Full Tilt players' money.
    They tried to build a reputation using stolen money.

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    Yorkshire Pudding Guest

    Default Re: Lederer,the filthy crook.

    Each video I watch gets more and more unbelievable!

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    JK. Guest

    Default Re: Lederer,the filthy crook.

    When a ship is sinking,the rats fight tooth and nail to stay alive.
    Same as the two rats Ivey and Lederer.
    I hope they both get prison time and a lot of it.
    I don't understand how Lederer could ever pretend to be a good poker player.
    He has so many tells when he is under pressure.
    Right now he is under a lot of pressure and all he is doing is squirming and blaming the other co crooks.

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    PlsNo2Outers Guest

    Default Re: Lederer,the filthy crook.

    Lederer and clan knew exactly what they were doing.

    As did Bernie Madoff. The money was rolling in... there was very loose regulation and the organisation could get away with it.

    However, it all comes out in the wash and hopefully what goes around comes around with these guys.

    The whole industry is fraught with so many negative and shady people and it is embedded unfortunately in the culture stemming from the players up.

    You are talking about companies being run by degenerate professional gamblers who are masquerading as business people.

    Just like the discussions of those making a successful living out of poker etc etc. the borrowing and never paying back. I dont see any positive stories coming out of poker except for if the winner of the WSOP main event is a rec/amateur player who has lived the dream.

    I am so proud to be a rec player who has a successful business that allows me to enjoy playing big tourneys every now and then, and by the off chance I get lucky and bink one... well it just puts the cherry on top

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    JK. Guest

    Default Re: Lederer,the filthy crook.

    You are so right PlsNo2Outers.
    I respect very much good poker players but I detest the crooks who have swamped the game.
    The lies,the false promotions,the scams,the shonky sites and the people who run them we can do without.
    I wish poker was regulated and organized like other sports and games.
    I am looking forward to the day when tournaments are sponsored and entries are free,so the game becomes affordablefor all players
    not just for the people who get backing from sites like Full Tilt.
    Then we wil find out who the best players are not who can afford to play.

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    Yorkshire Pudding Guest

    Default Re: Lederer,the filthy crook.

    In any other industry Lederer and Co would be doing some serious jail time. Roll on the day this fantastic game is regulated and licensed properly.

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    JK. Guest

    Default Re: Lederer,the filthy crook.

    Hi Yourkshire P.,I love poker and too can't wait for the day we organize ourselves properly.
    They tried in Russia a few years ago but it was done by the wrong crooked people.
    They started a Rusian poker Federation and got the game recognized as a SPORT.
    The federation collected $300,000 from registration fees.Players were very happy to join up.
    Than one day,the Poker Federation President took the money to a poker game and lost it all in one night.
    That was the end of the Russian Poker Federation.
    It was a great concept but crooks and degenerate gamblers stuffed it up.
    There have been many good concepts introduced in poker all over the world.
    Unfortunatelly crooks like Lederer brought most of them down.
    The main reason is the lack of real regulation not those stupid Indian Reservations.
    Crooks can do what they like and they do.

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    TheAthiest Guest

    Default Re: Lederer,the filthy crook.

    Quote Originally Posted by JK. View Post
    The main reason is the lack of real regulation not those stupid Indian Reservations.
    What's a stupid Indian Reservation and what does a stupid Indian Reservation have to do with Howard Leaderer and co stealing money from online poker players?

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    JK. Guest

    Default Re: Lederer,the filthy crook.

    I remember many years ago being told that it is OK to play on the Internet because all the sites are registered with some or other
    Indian reservation.Like the Kanawahake(pardon the spelling)tribe.
    These tribes would make sure that everything was above board and that cullprits would be punished.
    I almost believed the story until Hamiltons scam was discovered.
    Ans guess who owned the guilty sites?A relative of the Chief of the Kanawahaki tribe.
    Sounds like a comedy from Hollywood.
    I would like proper regulation where there are rules.And crooks like Hamilton,Lederer,Ferguson,Ivey and many others are not free to do what they want.

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    JK. Guest

    Default Re: Lederer,the filthy crook.

    I see Lederer has made a comeback to the poker scene.
    He played in a $100/$200 game and laughed a lot.
    Americans are funny people or at least the Las Vegas ones.
    He is a hero for swindling thousands of poker players around the world.
    Another rort gone unpunished and pokers' reputation remains in the gutter.

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