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    sotnub Guest

    Default poker tracker stats

    Hi, I am endevouring to get a strong limit game together to have a crack at making some cash online. However, after a bright start my bankroll has been demolished since i starting tracking. I realise that i am insufficiently bankrolled to play this limit but am slowly saving for a serious go. Would you experts mine having a squizz at this stats and tell me what u think? I feel as if im playing ok with a few bad mistakes killing me.CheersTimN.B my agg. factor is 0.97 but is 3 on the riverimg src=""

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    sotnub Guest

    Default poker tracker stats

    sorry...thats the link to the stats but i cant figure out how to load itcheerstim

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    yoyo Guest

    Default poker tracker stats

    Firstly, I've only just started using PT so I barely know what its all about yet, are some of my impressions (I could be wrong on some):1. Your sample size is way to small to make any serious comment. 2000 hands is a session or two. You can run good or bad for hundreds of thousands of hands.2. Straight off the bat, your aggression factor is too low at 0.97. You're not aggressive enough.3. Folded BB to steal seems a *little* high to me. 4. Won $ when saw flop is very low. I think it's supposed to be between 35-45% (you're at 25%). This could very well mean you're running bad. Which is a good thing.5. Amount won is red. I have it on a reliable source that it's better if the number is green 6. Went to Showdown is a little low I think. 7. Your PF raise is way too low. You'd become very predictable with your raises and are probably not stealing enough blinds. I could be wrong on some of these, but I thought it would be fun to have a go. I've only been using PT for 10K hands, or a couple weeks.yoyoPS. If you realise you're insufficiently bankrolled, why are you playing 2/4 and 3/6? Drop down and consolidate. Build up and then take shots at next level up if you like.

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    sotnub Guest

    Default poker tracker stats

    thanks yoyo,appreciate the input.I particuarly like the advice given for number 5. So THATS what ive been doing wrong silly meCheersTim,

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    sotnub Guest

    Default poker tracker stats

    i have also realised over the past 2000 or so hands that it is bloody hard to become successful at online poker. I dont think i appreciated the nuances of the game enough. Maybe one day i can become the next makybe, pokermike or bluebear.....or maybe the next young sammy farha... what happened to him?

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