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    After the little hiccup against TURN LUCKBOX BlueBear, I refused to give up in my quest for PNW Limit HU superiority.PokerMike was the next donater to the YoYo January Spearmint Rhino fund.Obviously this man has game, but I played smart - my goal was to suckout on him, and I followed the gameplan perfectly. Another maniac kickass player dusted up by the YoYo machine Here is where Mikey folded a set to my cap on the river:PokerStars Game #2831792516: Tournament #13939914, Hold'em Limit - Match Round I, Level III (30/60) - 2005/10/18 - 02:52:16 (ET)Table '13939914 1' One on One Seat #2 is the buttonSeat 1: yoyojemjo (1795 in chips) Seat 2: chawinski (1205 in chips) chawinski: posts small blind 15yoyojemjo: posts big blind 30*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to yoyojemjo [7s 6s]chawinski: raises 30 to 60yoyojemjo: raises 30 to 90chawinski: calls 30*** FLOP *** [5h Jh 6h]yoyojemjo: bets 30chawinski: calls 30*** TURN *** [5h Jh 6h] [4c]yoyojemjo: bets 60chawinski: raises 60 to 120yoyojemjo: calls 60*** RIVER *** [5h Jh 6h 4c] [3d]yoyojemjo: checks chawinski: bets 60yoyojemjo: raises 60 to 120chawinski: raises 60 to 180yoyojemjo: raises 60 to 240Betting is cappedchawinski said, "i can make this fold"chawinski: folds yoyojemjo collected 840 from potyoyojemjo: doesn't show hand *** SUMMARY ***Total pot 840 | Rake 0 Board [5h Jh 6h 4c 3d]Seat 1: yoyojemjo (big blind) collected (840)Seat 2: chawinski (button) (small blind) folded on the River

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    Default YoYo - 1...PokerMike - 0

    pfffpoker mike.... whats he done in limit...

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