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Thread: Dont ya love this lol

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    Default Dont ya love this lol

    This hand just happened cant believe it lol.... :PPokerStars Game #2847862143: Tournament #14025013, Hold'em No Limit - Level V (75/150) - 2005/10/20 - 06:26:17 (ET)Table '14025013 1' Seat #9 is the buttonSeat 2: J.Tightlips (2985 in chips) Seat 3: Argbargle (7405 in chips) Seat 6: PokerAcer (1135 in chips) Seat 9: Dolly J.Lo. (1975 in chips) J.Tightlips: posts small blind 75Argbargle: posts big blind 150*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to PokerAcer [Qc 7s]PokerAcer: folds Dolly J.Lo.: raises 300 to 450J.Tightlips: folds Argbargle: calls 300*** FLOP *** [9h Ks 5d]Argbargle: checks Dolly J.Lo.: bets 450Argbargle: raises 6505 to 6955 and is all-inDolly J.Lo.: calls 1075 and is all-inArgbargle said, "nh"*** TURN *** [9h Ks 5d] [8c]Dolly J.Lo. said, "ty"*** RIVER *** [9h Ks 5d 8c] [8s]*** SHOW DOWN ***Argbargle: shows [Kc 8d] (a full house, Eights full of Kings)Dolly J.Lo.: shows [9d Kh] (two pair, Kings and Nines)Argbargle collected 4025 from potPokerAcer said, "omfg"*** SUMMARY ***Total pot 4025 | Rake 0 Board [9h Ks 5d 8c 8s]Seat 2: J.Tightlips (small blind) folded before FlopSeat 3: Argbargle (big blind) showed [Kc 8d] and won (4025) with a full house, Eights full of KingsSeat 6: PokerAcer folded before Flop (didn't bet)Seat 9: Dolly J.Lo. (button) showed [9d Kh] and lost with two pair, Kings and Nines

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    Default Dont ya love this lol

    i love it more coz yoyo is a CHUMP

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    Default Dont ya love this lol

    A 3-outer, then a 2-outer. Both needed. One of the worst bad beats possible, but happens surprisingly often.Vos showed me a hand history once where he lost a BIG pot to almost exactly the same suckout. 6-6 river turn to beat his flopped two pair. I think someone also lost a EPT title on the final hand in similar circumstances. Now that would suck.yoyo

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    Default Dont ya love this lol

    Ahhh the age old runner runner suckout! That one is pretty insane, but there were 3 8s in the deck, I've seen when theres only 2 left in the deck that can help.
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    Default Dont ya love this lol

    Just wait till I get back to Sydney - I'll post a beauty just like that :-D

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