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Thread: a 10/20 hand

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    Default a 10/20 hand

    Hi, Relative newcomer and first time poster. Have been playing for a little while and have worked my way up to 10/20 limit on Party which I beat fairly consistently. I am having a little problem at times with not being sure if I hold the best hand and it has meant that I'm not getting the best possible return. What areas do I need to improve upon with this hand?10/20 Texas Hold'em Game Table (Limit) - Thu Oct 20 07:21:14 EDT 2005Table Table 65383 (6 max) (Real Money) -- Seat 1 is the buttonTotal number of players : 6Seat 1: SHIPITgay ( $540)Seat 2: Blackstone2 ( $370)Seat 3: grunter321 ( $539.50)Seat 4: N_DiSaRrAy ( $948)Seat 5: saglum ( $954)Seat 6: philxxx ( $462.75)Blackstone2 posts small blind (5)grunter321 posts big blind (10)philxxx posts big blind (10)** Dealing down cards **Dealt to grunter321 [ 8s, 8c ] N_DiSaRrAy raises (20) to 20saglum folds.philxxx folds.SHIPITgay raises (30) to 30Blackstone2 folds.grunter321 calls (20)N_DiSaRrAy calls (10)** Dealing Flop ** : [ 2c, 8d, Qs ] grunter321 checks.N_DiSaRrAy checks.SHIPITgay bets (10)grunter321 raises (20) to 20N_DiSaRrAy calls (20)SHIPITgay raises (20) to 30grunter321 raises (20) to 40N_DiSaRrAy calls (20)SHIPITgay calls (10)** Dealing Turn ** : [ 3s ] grunter321 checks.N_DiSaRrAy bets (20)SHIPITgay calls (20)grunter321 calls (20)** Dealing River ** : [ Js ] grunter321 checks.N_DiSaRrAy bets (20)SHIPITgay calls (20)grunter321 calls (20)** Summary **Main Pot: $342 | Rake: $3Board: [ 2c 8d Qs 3s Js ]SHIPITgay balance $430, lost $110 [ Td Ts ] [ a pair of tens -- Qs,Js,Td,Ts,8d ]Blackstone2 balance $365, lost $5 (folded) grunter321 balance $771.50, bet $110, collected $342, net +$232 [ 8s 8c ] [ three of a kind, eights -- Qs,Js,8s,8c,8d ]N_DiSaRrAy balance $838, lost $110 [ Ac Qd ] [ a pair of queens -- Ac,Qd,Qs,Js,8d ]saglum balance $954, didn't bet (folded)philxxx balance $647.75, lost $10 (folded)
    pz to all

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    Default a 10/20 hand

    Preflop there is a case for folding, even in the big blind, depending on the raising (and re-raising) standards of the opponents, which you have not given any details of.Flop is *fairly* typical play; I would personally call a 3-bet on the flop planning to lead out on the turn in the hope of getting raised, but a lot of smart, tight aggressive players are on to this so capping it is perfectly fine.The turn play makes me sick. What on earth are you thinking here? The ONLY hand that beats you at this stage is QQ. You would be devastated if N_DiSaRrAy checked it through with KK or AA and hit a 2 outer for free. I would personally cap this online, every single time I had it. It is purely and simply weak to not get more than one big bet in here on the turn.Same goes for river I think. It's pretty clear after the flop and turn play that SHIPITgay is fairly passive, so there is a *minute* chance that he would have T9 or two spades, but I highly doubt it. There are still some terrible players at 10/20 that will call a capped flop on a gutshot and a runner runner flush draw, but, this goes hand in hand with the turn play needing to be much, much more aggressive.So, I'll tell you how I would've played it.1) Folded pre-flop. However, once I accidentally clicked on call rather than fold, I'd play the flop like you did.2)I'd lead out the turn, hoping to get raised so I can 3-bet and hopefully cap.3) I'd lead the river and call a raise.
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    Default a 10/20 hand

    Definitely definitely check-raise the turn when you had the chance. You're missing far too much value from being overly tricky here (2BB). I would also bet out the river for value as runner-runner spades is an unlikely holding from the opponents given the flop action.

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    Default a 10/20 hand

    i am with what diva said

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    Default a 10/20 hand

    Is this a gag?Hand histories like this make me want to move up to 10/20 very quickly.yoyo

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    Default a 10/20 hand

    Fold preflop but otherwise - Bet 3 bet the turn, or check raise, check calling is so so soso so sososossososososossososososososososos weak its aaaaaaaaaaaargh. Especially because if it is no limit I guarentee you call an all in, but still you don't want to put in a bet.

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