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Thread: (OT) question for the punters?

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    knightfan Guest

    Default (OT) question for the punters?

    im sure i could find this if i looked hard enough but does anyone know if there has ever been a mare to race in the cup as the topwieght?

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    MakybeDiva Guest

    Default (OT) question for the punters?

    I'm not sure if it was the topweight, but Wakeful carried the equivalent of 63.5kg when she ran 2nd in 1903. There have been at least another 8 mares that have carried more than Makybe Diva will in the Cup, all with fairly mid-range results, certainly nothing like Wakeful's.The thing people should understand here though is that in older generations of racing, weights were measured in stones and ounces, and typically horses carried a LOT more weight back then than they do now. Times have changed and racing authorities, owners and trainers alike all realise that those sorts of weights were detrimental to a horses' longevity.This is another of my points in comparing Phar Lap to a horse such as the mare. You just can't. You can't say he's better and you can't say she is. Horses were trained differently back in the day, not to mention all other kinds of goings-on behind closed doors, drug testing did not exist to the prevelance that it does today and carrying a house on your back was NOT uncommon.

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    mattp Guest

    Default (OT) question for the punters?

    The gear is much lighter and the jockeys are fitter, lighter and smaller.There is a great article in the Australian today that describes the early training regimen of Makybe Diva & hundreds of others. The horseman weighs 85Kg or so. These horses can carry massive weights. As punters we want the minimum - we want the fastest times. We could raise the minimums for the protection of jockey's health with no detriment to the horses whatsoever. The only thing affected would be the times.I'd like to see a return to bigger weights. If would open up the game to more jockeys and there would be no need for excessive wasting. These guys are very brave sportsman & woman who have to go out under-strength a lot of the time due to the miniscule weights we demand they ride at. Add 10kg and it will still work fine.

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