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Thread: disconnected - should players be compensated

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    Default disconnected - should players be compensated

    I have just been disconnected from the Noble Poker server, and apparently they had technical issues (i.e their fault). I was heads-up in 6 player SNG, with about 75% of the chips.I lost my connection, and because the other guy was on Titan, he stole my blinds and won the game.What are people's experience with disconnections, and getting compensated from the the poker sites for your losses. Obviously, I was no certainty to win, and I did still win 2nd prize, but I still feel like I have been shafted.Is there any point complaining to these poker sites? Or should I just forget about it, and move on?

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    Default disconnected - should players be compensated

    Unfortunately, when playing online poker, the game involves accepting the risks of disconnection. It is not wrong for the opponent to continuously steal the blinds if I am disconnected, and I would do the same without giving it a second thought.Compensation for disconnection is out of the question for online poker rooms. There is no reason for them and they have no interests to arbitrate such disputes. Besides that, it would be an administrative nightmare if such complaints are commonplace.

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    Default disconnected - should players be compensated

    I was also playing tonight and wondering about this. The tournament had just started and Titan wouldnt let me connect to the server. It was only a $5 buyin six seater and I ended up coming third without even getting to play thus missing out on the money. Obviously I'm not bothered about that but would be concerned if it happened during a bigger tournament.I think as a sign of goodwill, if poker sites admit it was a fault at their end then they should refund the buyin amount...if not out of goodwill, good business sense would say that generally a player is going to reap them a much larger amount in rake overtime than the buyin from one tournament.

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    Default disconnected - should players be compensated

    One of the UK sites paid out their royal flush bonusof 350 pounds to a player who flopped one and thengot disconnected. Forget the site and player,it was a short article in Poker Europa magazine.
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