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    Could someone please explain to me if this super tournament will be sponsered if so what will the sponsors get for there 10mil.Will crown let say 6 sponsors bring shirts caps and banners and overshadow that they are playing at crown.Do you think the sponsor will recoup there 10mil.I remember some years ago tring to get a free ticket out of qantas.Although we did get a new car but only once.Also if the unforseen happens and a player gets knocked out very early say even the first hand what happens then.I dont think any sponsor would be happy.Surly there has to be a round robin system that will allow players to play in heats and a points system.That way the sponsor has at least some chance of exposure.I would like to have some light shed on this before having an opinion.

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    Default Someone please explain

    From the major press releases so far it would appear that it is TV driven and sponsorship will be readily available. The FSN media release refers.I'm still looking for a sponsor Mike but my face is not TV friendly and public liability is not available for players over 75.I expect competition details and players will be announced progressively by FSN/Mansion as time goes by.

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