As it is strange to report from the Crown in Melbourne, for me as a player, l still cannot let the opportunity pass by , again, to give it a try,Things maybe forgetten so soon as time flys.Only yesterday, it seems, that Crown Casino asked us to start to support the European Rankings to try to get on the Map of the Global Poker industryPoeple behind the scene had have now made a great contribution to this enormous success from this event,Yes, the Crown Aussie Millions is on the poker landscape and a a must as a Worldwide prestiges event with all the glory of the poker industry would like to give it !Corners of uncertanity from early experiance have being taken out , all errors from the years before have been made up to positive thinking, how to better these situations,Players have seen the change of structure as well as the respect that has been given to them,and not only for the busines interest only,As warm hearted as the Australian poeple are they have given their down to earth treathment in a way as you feel like we are being respected and looked after as we would only could dream about. Humble and ready to stand by to help, Parties and entertainment, food and drinks, no wonder the upcome was so great , and the best players did fly in to join,They have showed the world a great developement and with the help of thec World champion Joe Hachem, as the new Poker Ambassador for Crown. Aussie Aussie Aussie is a fact, l personaly will thank all the poeple l' ve met for the way they have looked after me ,in many times in differend places arround the world,Here and now , the Aussie MNillions has crowned this part of the Poker industry for ALL the players, as we all can see,so slowly my wish comes true.Being knoked out is like looking forwards to the next chalence ,to try again ,..the only medicine,Still l will look forwards to next year , as l expect from them , to outbetter and polish again as the numbers of players will keep going up.Best wishes Australia and the rest of the world with this combination of hospitality and well run high classpoker tournament ,My hope is that they will never forget the social side of the poker world as we are flesh and blood poeple,...then they will grow forever as they deserve,..Thanks for the great time Again,...The Flying Dutchman Marcel Luske Dir IPF {The International poker Fedration }Many thanks Marcel - you are always welcome Downunder at PNW and Crown.