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    Hi all,was playing a private tournament lastnight just wondering what the situation here would be.1- Pre flop blinds are 300/600 one guy calls and then the following player without saying anything drops in 2 $500 chips, isn't this considered an automatic raise since it's over 50% of the bet?His intention was to raise but that's not the point.2 - Still tournament, if players get shifted to another table and are placed on the small blind shouldn't they be delt in and pay the small blind? and not wait until the button is passed? i'm sure i've payed for small blinds in crown tournies when shifted.

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    1. Yes it is a raise. And yes, his intentions are irrelevant - I like how you pointed that out. It makes me laugh when people angleshoot/make a mistake and then say "I meant to do xxxx." Yeah whatever. That's what there are rules for. 2. No. The button passes around, and the player's first hand at the new table will be from the cutoff.yoyo

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