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    Lunanick Guest

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    this from written by a bloke who's been playing poker live for 26 years."I started playing online poker about two years ago. I had pneumonia and was bored to death sitting around the house for 2 weeks. I downloaded Party at that time and have since left it for Pokerstars. I have lost more money online than in the previous 2 decades. It is a tough go, this online poker. I read that 99% of the online players lose money in the longrun. I believe it. "full article here:

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    yoyo Guest

    Default Online money pit

    Although this paragraph puts me and about 50 people I know in that 1%, it's total garbage. The author has clearly never used a statistical program like PokerTracker. A *cursory* glance at compiled PT stats show that a lot more than 1% are long-term winners. This 'St. Angar' character would love to believe that 99% lose online as it makes his failures easy to deal with.He does have ONE thing right: "It is a tough go, this online poker."It certainly is a tough go. Online poker players these days are playing at a very high level in the mid/high limits. My win rates are in the green, but they are nothing to be proud of. If you are not a very bright, very disciplined player (or very lucky like me), you will get found out. I think the majority of losing players lose because they are undisciplined and/or playing limits too high for their skill level/bankroll. The rest just have no clue about how to play poker to win. I have a theory that if you are not adept at using PokerTracker and another program to overlay the stats on your opponents, you cannot beat 10/20 or higher online. I have not found someone who has proved my theory wrong yet. Everytime I meet someone who claims they are winning at 10/20 online but hasn't heard of PT, I find out that they are muppets. yoyo

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    danielg Guest

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    i think the biggest pitfall for inexperienced players with poor BR management, is that there are always games going, they can jump into a bigger game at anytime most of the time there is rarely a wait, i personally have made this mistake. I hope i only make it once.Dan

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    Lunanick Guest

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    well we'll consider that the end of the matter "yoyo" because clearly he is wrong and clearly you are right.btw, I am a winning online player and my roll has increased 4-fold. I play everyday for many hours and I am more convinced than ever that online poker deals are manipulated for commercial reasons.

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    yoyo Guest

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    Would you like to play a series of HU battles Lunanick? Just for fun. yoyoPS. Your 'hero' in the article has been playing Blackjack and Poker for 26 years. LOL - Blackjack. The only way you can push the edge in your favour in BJ is counting and this guy is too dumb to count - yes, I can tell that just from reading what he's written.

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