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Thread: YoYo cops Bad Beat in Russia!

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    yoyo Guest

    Default YoYo cops Bad Beat in Russia!

    The bad beat is not the following hand, but what happened right after it :PAfter unsuccessfully trying to sleep, I head down to the poker room here in St. Petersburg to see if I can bore myself to sleep playing pot limit - it's ALL pot limit here in Europe. The 5/10 HE PL game is out of control. Average pot size something like $400. I sit down with US$1000 and 3rd hand, the lady directly to my left calls $300 full pot bet on turn with a gutshot straight draw to the dumb end of a straight with 3 clubs on the board and she has no clubs (of course). Yes she hits and catches a guy who played top two on flop.Half an hour later, I call preflop with TT and 6 of us see a flop for $60. I flop top set and all the money goes in on the turn HU with the lady directly to my right. I'm actually shocked to see she even has outs when the cards are tabled. She has AKss for the nut flush draw, but only has 7 outs obviously. The beautiful 7s on the river and I'm rebuying immediately for everything in my pocket. She picks up the US$2400 pot she just won off me with her rivered flush and leaves, much to my disappointment. Her chair is taken by a young, clean-cut Russian guy and we get to talking. He asks me if I read 2+2 - I tell him "Only rarely." He says, "Oh, you wouldn't know my online name then as I rarely post anymore. My name is Peter_Rus."Wonderful! For those of you who may not be aware, Peter_Rus plays 50/100 and 100/200 limit online and is an uber-pro. And he plays like it. I go from having possibly the greatest +EV seat in big bet poker history to being stacked and then being out of position to a famous online pro. I proceed to dump some chips to him out of position for another hour, before deciding to crash only US$1700 down in 2 hours. As you can see, things are going swimmingly. yoyoPS. He also said PokerMike is a mad player. I told him I agreed with him. PPS. The poker room is beautiful - picture perfect in the 5 star hotel/casino. However, the gameplay is some of the weirdest I have ever seen. In 2 hours, I saw numerous incidents of the following:- Rabbit hunting EVERY hand.- Advice from folded players to active players on how to play hands. One lady called $200 but removed her call and folded after taking the advice of the guy next to her.- Exposing hands with up to 5 players still active in the pot.- Exposing opponents' mucked cards to see what they had.- Lots of unintentional string betting.- Slow-rolling - or (more often) showing just one card, sometimes even winning the pot at showdown with one exposed card, the other one being mucked.- Numerous actions out of turn. Everyone speaks in Russian, so they wouldn't have understood me much anyway had I said anything.

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    PokerMike Guest

    Default YoYo cops Bad Beat in Russia!

    Peter_rus is a GOD. He makes crazy posts on 2p2. I've learned so much from him. Here is an example of one of his posts; out more dude.

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    zero Guest

    Default YoYo cops Bad Beat in Russia!

    i heard u coped a pretty good beat yoyo, 17 yeh?

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    any two Guest

    Default YoYo cops Bad Beat in Russia!

    the world is a small place butthe real question is how many Boris' and Olegs were at the table?

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    Graham Connolly Guest

    Default YoYo cops Bad Beat in Russia!

    Yoyo, thanks for the post, loved hearing about the crazy shite they get up to with the slow rolls, mucked cards etc etc. Can't wait to play over there someday.

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