.......................................Oma-huh?...................................The moment I walked in the room, I found a seat to play.There and then I knew this was to be my lucky day.My favorite table, favorite seat, my favorite dealer too.It was my favorite game as well... Omaha High/Low.I settled in, I knew that I would be there for the day,I posted blind to let them know that I had come to play.The first few hands the flops were high, with no chance for a split,I never call to see a flop without the best of it.Then, as I wondered, "What would be the first hand I could play?"I looked down at two clubs, Ace/Deuce and two hearts, King and Trey.I thought, "Thats why I love this game." and fired off a raise."I hope that no one drops out, I hope everybody stays"The limpers called, I knew they would, they couldn't get enough.The Flop was 3-4-5 of clubs. For them, this would be rough.I'd flopped the Nut-Low and I had the second best for High.So, when it came to betting, now the limit was the sky.The field had narrowed down to three, myself and these two sods.I raised them and they raised me back, they thought they had the odds.The Turn card didn't make a dent, a bricky nine of spades.We lost the third man on this street, he went to wipe his shades.We raised each other back and forth and forth and back non-stop.With just the two of us remaining , now there was no cap.He tossed his last chips in the pot. I too, was left with none.I'd wished we both had bigger stacks before we had begun.The River didn't mean a thing, the flop had made our hands.I showed my Nut'Low straight flush and I did a little dance.He boasted "Seven/Six of clubs" and let out such a laugh.It was a total letdown, knowing I would win just half.I watched in dumbstruck silence, having nothing much to say.The dealer mucked my cards and pushed the pot the other way.I cried out "Dealer, split it up! Half of that pot is mine!"He said, "This is not High/Low, sir... Did you not read the sign?"