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DefaultDealer mistake

Nice to find this site, I am coming to Melbourne in January and hope to see a bit more of Australia when I am there.But as this is a poker forum here is my first post that occured at my local cardroom.200 buyin limit HE eventWe had a real interesting hand that called for a floor decision that ended the tournament life of one of our players. It went down like this:We just got a new dealer that seemed to be unfamiliar with poker and cards in general. In the previous hand I had seat 9 and the small blind when the hand was up the player in seat 10 was out. The dealer told seat 1 to post the small blind and seat 2 to post the big blind. This got some complaints from a few of the seasoned players and one of them requested the floor person to make a decision. Meanwhile the hand was played out with a late position raise winning the blinds uncontested.When the floor person showed up and he ruled that seat 10 should have hada dead blind and seat 1 the big blind and because the hand had played out seat 1 would have the small and seat 2 the big for a second hand in a row.This caused quite an uproar with the player in seat 2. She and the floor person argued while the action played out pre flop with betting capped and 3 players seeing the flop seat 1, 2 and 6. By the time the flop was out the floor person had brought over the tournament director and he ruled the same way and told the lady in seat 2 to "get over it" in much kinder words.At this point, thinking everything was settled, the dealer in her infinite wisdom decided to deal out the turn card. This brought another excited yelp from seat 2 because we had no action round on the flop. The TD took over and set the accidental turn card aside and the betting was once again capped and heads up between seats 1 and 2. The turn was dealt out and seat 2 got all in and turned up AA while seat 1 turned up 88. The board was allrags and both obviously thought they had top pair. At this point the TD told the dealer to take the dead turn card and reshuffle it into the deckbefore dealing out the river. Can you guess what the river was yet?? Well, the case 8 came off and sent seat 2 rampaging off the floor.
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