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Thread: WSOP final table

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    Monarch Guest

    Default WSOP final table

    The only non-American player at the final table has just been eliminated from the 2006 WSOP main event.The 23-year-old Swede Erik Friberg decided to take on chip leader Jamie Gold, who is tearing a swathe through the final table.But on the 57th hand of the afternoon, Friberg picked the wrong moment.Friberg called under the gun before Gold raised to $1,000,000 from the button. Friberg moved all-in and Gold immediately called.Friberg showed JJ but couldn’t believe it when Gold turned over pocket queens. The board of 7 3 2 10 Q gave Gold a set, and sent Friberg to the rail in eighth place. He wins $US1,979,189. Latest chip standings:1 Jamie Gold (36,800,000)2 Allen Cunningham (16,000,000)3 Richard Lee (15,500,000)4 Doug Kim (5,100,000)5 Rhett Butler (4,500,000)6 Paul Wasicka (3,500,000)7 Michael Binger (3,000,000)An army of security guards have just shuttled dozens of suitcases down the hallway outside the Amazon Ballroom, suggesting the $US12 million is in the house!

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    Monarch Guest

    Default WSOP final table

    Three down, six to go – 22-year-old financial consultant Doug Kim has been eliminated from the main event in sixth position.The New York native had been the tightest of the players in the early hours of the final table but sparked up when Paul Wasicka raised to $700,000 from middle position on the 84th hand of the day.Kim called from the button before the flop of 4 4 3. Wasicka bet $1,000,000, Kim moved all-in and Wasicka immediately called.Kim showed pocket nines but Wasicka turned over Q Q. A jack on the turn and seven on the river didn’t help Kim, who was eliminated in seventh spot. His prize money for seventh-placed finish is an astounding $2,391,520.“When I was playing, you can’t really focus on the numbers. I made my move because I was playing to win, not just for the extra prize money,” Kim said.“I thought I played OK today, I just needed some good cards after making a few successful bluffs. I tried to work with the cards I had, but I must say I got lucky just getting this far.”Latest chip count:1 Jamie Gold 38,000,0002 Richard Lee 19,300,0003 Paul Wasicka 14,200,0004 Allen Cunningham 12,900,0005 Rhett Butler 3,100,0006 Michael Binger 2,800,000

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    saintpeter Guest

    Default WSOP final table

    What's going on???I just added up chip count from Monarch and got 90.3mil. Should only be 87.7mil.

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    danielg Guest

    Default WSOP final table

    yup thats right there has been nurmerous threads saying there are extra chips on alot of sites. dunno wats going on but after this wsop harrahs have alot to answer for...DanG

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    Camlett Guest

    Default WSOP final table

    I think the additional $2.6 million is compound interest

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    ChrisXR Guest

    Default WSOP final table

    Just watched a 26M hand when Jamie Gold has Q's and Richard Lee went all in with JacksGold now has a massive 51M in chipsCunningham and Wasicka are the only two guys with a chance to win it... Butler and Binger are short stacked

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    PokaBandito Guest

    Default WSOP final table

    Sick all in with JJ by Richard Lee called instantly by a limp/raise/call of Jamie Gold with QQ. Jamie has 51.26M in chips. 2nd chipd leader Paul Wasicka has 14.56M... Jamie is running away with this one. Second QQ over JJ win on this table for him.

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    yoyo Guest

    Default WSOP final table

    Every Main Event, the final chip amounts are always larger than they should be. There are two possible reasons for this that I can think of:1. Players bring in chips from other tourneys, which I don't understand as WSOP tourneys have starting chip stacks equalling the buyin, so theoretically, each "chip" is worth the same amount no matter the tourney.2. Staff add chips to the tourney - criminal behaviour.yoyo

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    JK. Guest

    Default WSOP final table

    St Peter,trust a casino man to notice the possible rort.If the figures are 90.3,this means that up to 26,yes 26 Las vegas locals got a free entry into the tournament.Now you see why I despise and don't trust any Las Vegas tournament.This was a very common occurance in the old days of Binions ,Jack McLeland and co.I am not sure as I don't have evidence about other tournaments in other states,but the Las Vegas tournaments have been dirty from day one.Before the Internet and TV influence,it was easy for the people in charge to put a lot of the local pros in for free and split any winnings.Nobody ever checked the chips.I would have thought that with the modern tracking of all chips and totals readily available to the general public ,that this practise would have ceased.It seems that it has not.How many of those stupid bracelets were won by free entrants? I certainly hope that Harahs can explain the 90.3 total in chips.If not,police should be brought in to investigate the extra 260,000 in chips.

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    DoubleA Guest

    Default WSOP final table

    Phil Gordon just said it was mistakes made during colouring up.

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