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Thread: Big D's QLD Classic (full report)

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    bfcc Guest

    Default Big D's QLD Classic (full report)

    Big D's Qld ClassicFriday 1st tourny of the weekend was a $30 rebuy with 22 players the prize pool grew to $1800 after rebuys and addons ended.Final table and payouts1st colin peckover $7562nd andrew mason $4503rd adrian cooper $2704th jeff brigg $1805th john marsh $1446th ehren roebuck7th ben horner8th mark griffiths9th anthony skliros10th niel lindFriday's 2nd tourny $10 rebuy for seats into saturdays main event.Alot of fun in this tournament with most players double stacking 1st up and 1 player allin blind 1st hand!!! and won!!!lol Final table and payouts1st rodney ciancio - seat $3002nd colin peckover - seat $3003rd fox - $304th adrian cooper5th ehren roebuck6th anthony skliros7th gerry cox8th john marsh 9th jeff brigg10th dwambo$10 rebuy 13 players and $630 in prizefund!!!!!Saturdays $300 main eventWith a large start bank and 30 min levels all players new it would be a long tournament, some big hands early and a couple of early exists but most sellted in for a long haul to the final table.Final table and payouts -(20 players)1st micheal allan - $24002nd victor jaucian - $18003rd gary slevin - $12004th jon deguzman - $6005th niel lind6th jeff brigg7th dwambo8th matthew chew9th shannon bartz10th adam johnsonHeads up play went for a long time with victor and micheal both playing great poker to get heads up.Micheal was behind for most of the heads up and was lucky twice being allin and coming from behing to stay alive.Sunday's $50 freezeout.23 players lots of action and alot of fun by all.Final table and payouts1st wayne hockey - $4602nd jonno - $3453rd dwambo - $2304th adam mcshane - $1155th adrian cooper6th eric fasser7th jeff brigg8th sean field9th fox10th jun kudoAfter all tounry's the cash games were going strong with the saturday night guys finishing up at 7.30am sunday morning!!!!!!!!!I would like to thank all the players that showed up over the weekend and made our 1st major event a great success.Brian Bates - thank you for your continued support of qld poker, we now have a great poker room to play at.Gerry Cox (magoo) - thank you for all your effort with the great food over the weekend and the help setting up this event.Dwambo - thanks for all the help with this event, others might not now how much time and effort went into this event but with out your help it wouldn't have run.Again thanks to everyone who played helped out in any way and look forward to our next big weekend of poker.jeff (bfcc)

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    dwambo Guest

    Default Big D's QLD Classic (full report)

    Yes Jeff it was a great and long weekend of poker. You have thanked everyone concerned but of course a big thanks also goes to yourself.We at Big D's poker have been lucky enuf to meet some great people and good poker players.And I am very confident to say that Jeff would be one of the best if not No.1 poker player I have seen in Brissy.Because of the love of the game he has always put in alot of time to promote poker and our well run game and great venue where we hold Big D's poker games.So thanks again to all involved in making this weekend very successfull and enjoyable. I am sure we will be running more events like this and hope that the knew players we got up there will be happy to return to play on a Friday night.There will also be photo's to go up of the weekend soon.CHEERS

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    bfcc Guest

    Default Big D's QLD Classic (full report)

    thanks dwambo , it looks like u and i had a good weekend anyway!!!!!

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    yoyo Guest

    Default Big D's QLD Classic (full report)

    Oh man, if Michael Allen is winning the big ones, it must have been a SOFT tourney :PSorry I wasn't there - sorry in more ways than one...I could have used that $2500!yoyo

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    Jon De Guzman Guest

    Default Big D's QLD Classic (full report)

    Yoyo,Ohhh, are you calling as SOFT are you.Hope you can make it to the next tourney so we can test your theory!Jon

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    yoyo Guest

    Default Big D's QLD Classic (full report)

    That's correct Jon - I knew Dwambo and Jeff were soft players but I had no idea how soft the field was until I saw Allen won the thing! :PI will try and make it to the next big one.yoyo

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