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Thread: multi tableing

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    Davz Guest

    Default multi tableing

    Ok so here is the problem, When i play online i always multi table, most times just 7 tables, but my profit is not visible, i dont seem to be making money, it says to be profitable in online poker you must multi table, but at best i am only even after a session, i am putting a lot of money out there to win more, any help in multi tableing skills?

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    footy Guest

    Default multi tableing

    davz, don't take everything so literally. when it says you must multi-table to be successful it assumes you are already a winning player.i suggest dropping back down to 1 table and try to really concentrate on beating the game. when you've done that, add another table. repeat process until you have a number of tables you feel confident of beating. this will help you take your best 'winning' game to all tables at the same time.there is no point playing lots of tables if you play below-par and don't make any gains.

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    BlueBear Guest

    Default multi tableing

    Playing many tables is not the quick way to riches nor does it automatically equate to considerable profits. It is best to both cut down the number of tables played, increase your concentration per table, examine/discuss hand histories, continue to study the game intensively and critically re-evaluate your game if extended multitabling sessions over many days/weeks do not yield profits.

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    seawasp Guest

    Default multi tableing

    What the others have said is exactly right. Multitbling increases your profits ONLY if you can beat the game. A winning player may win less in terms of BB/100 by playing 8 tables than he would if he played 4 tables. However the increased number of hands per hour increases your win rate per hour which is what we are all interested in. Naturally our play drops off with each extra table we add, however if your play drops off only a small amount you will still make more per hour by multitabling. You will reach a point where you play goes to hell at a certain numbers of tables.Ask yourself this question. How can i maximise my profit per hour? For some people that means playing 2 tables, for others 4, for some freaks the answer is 12. It is differant for every person based on your knowledge of the game and your concentration levels.It is obvious from your post that playing 7 tables at once is not the best situation for you. Use some judgement and experiment with differant numbers until you find your sweet spot.I suspect that if you can break even at 7 tables you should turn a profit at 3-4 tables, but once again, this all depepnds on you, and whether or not you have the tools to beat the game in the first place.

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    Davz Guest

    Default multi tableing

    thank you all, duely? noted, i will cut down to the single table and work my way back up, i noticed that the more tables i play the more i get drawn out on, is this a concentrtion thing or just the fact that limit is a swimming pool for fish?? i am only playing 5/10 on 1 table and teh rest at 2/4 so the level of skills is in the middle fo rthe most part, am i to good for 2/4 if i am a break even player, and as a result concentrate on 1/2 tables of 5/10 or maybe 1 of higher or keep chopping away at 2/4 or 3/6 with 2/4 tables perhaps, if you were i, what would you do?

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    yoyo Guest

    Default multi tableing

    i noticed that the more tables i play the more i get drawn out on, is this a concentrtion thingI should start a collection of quotes.

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    jabbs Guest

    Default multi tableing

    Yeah and i should start a collection of sarcastic replies...... cough cough...

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    yoyo Guest

    Default multi tableing

    If you're trying to submit an entry for my list Jabbs, you'll need to do a little better than that - my collection will be reserved for premium entries only. Individual quality, not quantity (otherwise you might be a shoe-in)...yoyo

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    yoyo Guest

    Default multi tableing

    I was so excited at my first quote, that I missed a i to good for 2/4 if i am a break even playerAwesome. 2 entries in my list - I think at the end of the year, I will release a top ten list of quotes.yoyo

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    Davz Guest

    Default multi tableing

    what do you mean yoyo? am i saying something stupid? i would hate to be your son, imagine the ridicule he would receive at every question or issuethanks for your help, i was hoping to get your advice actually yoyo, considering you are the supremem poker authority in this country, oh well, perhaps i can ask a loser like joe or bok

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