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Thread: Poker Coach???

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    danielg Guest

    Default Poker Coach???

    Hey All,i was wondering if anyone wanted to use there knowledge of poker to coach me, as i know sarne is thinking of doing it in sydney but thats no help for me, obviously i will pay for these services. Any help will be appreciatedCheersDaniel

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    Matt Spratt Guest

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    Daniel, I think you'll find that there are a lot of decent poker players out there who are also nice enough people. You do live in Melbourne after all. If you really are desperate to get some learning, befriend some players at Crown or something. I know for a fact, John Homann for one has stated numerous times on this noticeboard that he's more than happy to help out new players.I think the concept of poker-coaching is a bit far-fetched in a business sense like you mention, but quite realistic in a casual friendship sense.Good luck.

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    danielg Guest

    Default Poker Coach???

    Thanks Matt,i know what you mean, but i though as it goes "wouldnt hurt to ask" but yer i might have a chat to a few people tommorow night,CheersDaniel

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    jj Guest

    Default Poker Coach???

    The reality is that the majority of poker players will tell you they are experts, but only a tiny minority actually are... unless you can find someone who can prove substantial long-term winnings to you and is also prepared to spend time coaching you (highly unlikely in my opinion, especially in Oz) you are much better getting coached by the best players in the world by purchasing the best books available - some very good ones out there if you do your research...

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    BlueBear Guest

    Default Poker Coach???

    I absolutely agree with JJJ.Many decent players will claim to be winning players and some sort of provide basic coaching, but if you are serious in improving your game far beyond the basics with the assistance of coach, only stay with one with a proven long term record, the ability to teach and extensive and acknowledged coaching experience, for example, Bob Ciaffone, a poker writer, provides coaching have enquired about this service in the past. Needless to say, although I am sure that I would benefit from this service immensely, I am not serious enough in this game to invest in coaching fees. Of course, there are some great books out there and various poker strategy message boards across the net.

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    danielg Guest

    Default Poker Coach???

    Thanks for the Advice jj and bluebear i think the $$$ i would save i will use in live practice and online and some more booksCheersDaniel

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    alan lester Guest

    Default Poker Coach???

    $50 per hour and 2 hour min session.

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