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Thread: Badass Of The Week: The Honey Badger

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    Default Badass Of The Week: The Honey Badger

    Badass of the Week: Honey Badger (Ratel)

    "If the creature is too huge for the Badger to straight-up eviscerate with its inch-and-a-half long claws or its razor-sharp teeth, the Ratel still knows how to go for the weak spot – the balls. That's right, folks, this thing has been documented as killing male lions by running underneath them and tearing off their scrotums."

    If that's too much reading, at least watch:
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    Default Re: Badass Of The Week: The Honey Badger

    now i have another nickname for my ex-wife instead of C_NT.

    most of us call them Honey anyway.

    Love the You-Tube comment re-Chuck Norris.
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