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    Not really a smart drug, but sports enhancing. Years back when i was playing Golf there was a lot of talk about Beta-Blockers. Nick Price was said to be an advocate. Helped mainly with putting but also controlled adrenaline.They reduce nerve-inducing muscle twitches and shaking.

    The calming effect of beta-blockers on muscle action has made the drugs a popular, though illegal, choice of athletes whose performance depends on balance (such as gymnastics) or a steady hand (archery, shooting and biathlon).
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    Fascinating stuff.

    I mean, the fact that he's writing about it in 2009 is fascinating. It's a bit like discovering a Gillette Mach4 razor shaves closer than your disposable single-blades. But if he wants to be a voice against human stupidity, good for him. But he'll fail. Because of the aforementioned stupidity.

    I would be a little bit wary of following this guy's advice. I don't think he's retarded, it just seems like he might be from his rambling about Creatine as if it was a multi-vitamin or something. Creatine's safe enough (The Dangers of Creatine - Side Effects and Risks to Know.) as long as your dosing accurately and practising effective cycling but lol at his pathetic retardation evident throughout his rambling. This is one of his thoughts on creatine:

    Its popularity with bodybuilders comes from giving them the ability to do more in a workout, leading to an increase of muscle tissue.
    Interesting. And incredibly informative.

    A nit might wonder just - how - exactly creatine allows bodybuilders to "do more". Because that kind of stuff tends to be important with kinda annoying yet kinda important considerations like....oh, contraindications.

    A nit might wonder whether it's really necessary to explain that workouts lead to increase in muscle tissue. If the reader was unaware of the fact that working out builds up muscle mass...they're probably too stupid to be reading about 'smart' drugs. Actually, I take back my comments about his level of retardation. The description above might well be the limits of his understanding of physiology.

    The debate about whether water is or isn't retained by creatine rage on, because people are stupid, no matter what their profession. And utterly and totally corruptible and therefore unreliable; either directly via greed or indirectly via emotional investment. But everyone is pretty much in consensus about the importance of ensuring hydration levels are pretty freaking high. Now reference that fact with his flippant comments regarding Desmopressin:

    • It will make your kidneys retain water, so another effect of Desmopressin is to reduce urine production (Desmopressin is commonly prescribed to prevent bedwetting)

    • Part of your body's homeostasis mechanism is to regulate blood water content by removing it--via the kidneys--into the bladder

    • Having too much water in your bloodstream can lead to electrolyte imbalance, and in severe cases this is called hyponatremia, or "water poisoning"

    • Hyponatremia is difficult to treat. If your doctors cannot control the rebalancing of your electrolytes, you may experience central pontine myelinolysis--nerve damage to the central pons area of the brain stem, which regulates autonomic functions such as breathing. Heart failure is also possible.

    • Use Desmopressin irresponsibly and you'll enjoy the rest of your life in an iron lung, unless you die before they can hook you up to one. If you remember the "Hold your wee for a Wii" contest held by a radio station, where a woman held her bladder for so long she died, know that she died of hyponatremia--the same malady that can be caused by the wrongful use of this drug.

    • If you were to take Desmopressin then you must avoid heavy exercise and the excessive consumption of liquids for at least 6 hours afterwards.

    • Do not drink sport drinks such as Gatorade or Powerade.

    • Drink only when thirsty and only until you're no longer thirsty.
    So he's kinda stupid enough to kill you if you are stupid enough to take his idiocy without a grain (or mountain) of iodized flavouring.

    Throw in his complete failure to mention the entire range of - actual - 'smart' meds and I'm calling this one another win for human stupidity.

    Quote Originally Posted by 59progolfer View Post
    Years back when i was playing Golf there was a lot of talk about Beta-Blockers. Nick Price was said to be an advocate. Helped mainly with putting but also controlled adrenaline.They reduce nerve-inducing muscle twitches and shaking.
    I was prescribed beta-blockers to assist with the loading phase of Ritalin.

    My thoughts on their unique level of pathetic can probably be described by the fact that I have, in my med cabinet, a bottle of 14 (which were originally 20) prescribed over a year ago. Rest assured no drug that could possibly have a function lie unused in that particular cabinet. Beta-blockers have been surpassed by other meds for whatever use you could have for them. It's not really their fault, of course. A 1950's athlete wouldn't impress in 2010 either.

    It's all a load of witch-doctery though. And I really do mean WITCH-doctery. What the medical 'profession' actually understands about any of this shit is just LOL.

    Antidepressants Hardly Help - TIME


    25 years. Tens of millions of patients being prescribed...? Placebos?

    They still can't agree on whether one of the most prescribed group of meds in the history of the medical profession is a miracle drug or a fucking placebo.

    I would laugh, but for the memories of a $300/hr 'elite' psychiatrist prescribing me drug combinations a simple Google search (and the FDA) point out would result in pretty serious convulsions and potential death. Upon reading for a few minutes on Google (as I stood there, facepalming), he said tore up one of the scripts with the flippant explanation: "Let's not try this one just yet..."

    Tight industry. Full of people who are EXPERTS and OPINIONATED. Until they kill you or dissolve your brain. I suspect they section you at that point. It's what I would do. To almost all of you.

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    I find this amusing - 'not for human consumption' legal drugs.

    Alchemy Labz
    In Quest for a 'Legal High,' Chemists Outfox the Law -

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