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    DanChile Guest

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    Quote Originally Posted by Suicide_KINGS98 View Post
    Got Aces and Queens UTG back to back, both times flopped top set, do i ever get paid... NO!
    hahaha.... that's PStars for ya. Good job Sui and glad to see you had fun / made it 3/4 way through.

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    valloAA Guest

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    Do yourselves a favour and watch the final table replay from April 4, available now. The guy who won it (ACECHIPCHASE) was a 1 cent to $7 casual player on tournies and sngs. He won his ticket via a $2.22 RB, took a shot, and blew a field of 9749 for a $273K payday.

    It is some of the worst headsup poker you'll ever see.

    Fittingly, he is now back to playing 1 and 2 buck rebuys with his new bankroll.


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