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    FSL009 Guest

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    lol. WA the 1/4m is 3.30am.

    I got home on Sunday night (as it was a public holiday on monday) so could actually play not having to work in the morning.

    I went out to a mates place and played a home game until 2am then drove home and registered for the PC league Horse game...was terrible having only had four hours the night before as well.

    then won a sattelite into the 1/4m as I was bored... and then at 4am I hit the sitout button for the break and decided to get a nap for a few minutes and woke up at 9.15am...doh.

    anyway sleep is the key and doing an all nighter. or move to NZ and then you can play 2 hours later and it sort of makes alot more sense.

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    chenyan Guest

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    Quote Originally Posted by Murphmaester View Post
    lol, getting up to play poker in your PJ's at 5.30am sounds so bloody hard. I am amazed there is not a medal or something. And to think I moan about being on the 6.30 train into the city sometimes. It is good to be reminded of those less fortunate than the rest of us.

    My thoughts are with all you poor unfortunate grinders on cold Monday mornings like this. I will buy a big issue today.
    heart.. <3

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    FSL009 Guest

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    P.S. The worst words that u will ever hear as an online poker grinder is, "Honey, I'm pregnant".
    Why? best excuse i have ever heard to leave and live in NZ.

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