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    g-matic Guest

    Default Rebuy Tournament Strategy

    I have been recently trying my hand at rebuy tourneys.

    My current strategy is to rebuy immediately. Sit there, see cheap flops and try and flop the world (or at least what I think is the best hand) and get it all in. I also try and get it all in pre in as soon as I have AK, or most pairs.

    This usually works ok, gets me past the add on with about average stack (depending on how i am flipping i s'pose). I reckon I would average spending 5 entries.

    I often see wildcats that just keep re-buying, re-buying & re-buying until they win a 6 way all in and end up with huge stacks after the add on stage.

    So what I am asking,

    is it a better strategy to spend $25 and be coming 50th out of 100 after the add on;

    or is it preferable to spend $60 or $70 to be coming 15-20th of 100 after the add on??

    A bit of a confusing question, thanks in advance.

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    risk2Dupside Guest

    Default Re: Rebuy Tournament Strategy

    Some thoughts, generally applicable to 10r and below:

    Rebuys are unique because there are nitty players that aren't interested in investing a lot of money, and if you are very aggressive you can punt up a ridiculously large stack relative to the blinds - this should be your strategy unless you are not rolled for this approach (and if you aren't rolled for this, I wouldn't make them a regular part of your schedule). If you're good with a big stack, a successful rebuy period will put you at a huge advantage for the rest of the tournament. I would guess that the ROI of a good player is higher in rebuys than any other format.

    The first thing I like to do is get a good feel for the table dynamics and act accordingly. To do this I like to open shove pre as early as possible with anything half decent (usually the first couple of hands), and suss out whether there are any players that are happy to gamble (or whether I can incite a gambling mentality on the table). If they are, I get it in super light over and over until I have a stack, then after that I only push my good hands against these guys.

    If the table is nitty (or you are in hands with nitty players), I like to see as many flops with hands that can flop equity as cheaply as possible, and push my equity post flop really hard, ie look for reasons to get it in. For some reason FTP seems nittier than Stars at the small stakes, and the Euro sites can be even worse. You can often make your reraise sizes much bigger preflop as well.

    If I have a really big stack and everyone else is still short, I'm pretty happy continuing to punt 3k blocks of chips with half decent stuff if people are in shove mode, otherwise I just keep seeing flops.

    If I get to the last five minutes and don't have a stack (ie less than 6k), I open shove any two cards until I do have a stack.

    This is a strategy that has worked well for me, but yeah it's expensive (8-16 units is standard). When I wasn't as rolled and wanted to take shots, I would simply register at the last minute, insta-double rebuy and addon and take it from there, and I think if you're not prepared to gamble it up then that's probably a better option than nitting away your starting stack for an hour. Don't get me wrong, I don't think this is ideal, but for tourney structures with a slower start (like FTP) it's probably do-able.

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