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    anybody got any tips for 2moro??? laires give us some of yours ay.



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    Randwick Races

    Absolutely terrible races tomorrow at Randwick, I have completed my iniitial ratings and gone over the speed maps and have come to the conclusion that pace is going to make a massive difference to my betting strategy as will bias, the good part about tomorrow is G Waterhouse has quite a few average horses resuming which should provide some value to bet around.

    Race 1: If you are the type that has to have a bet then you cant really go past "Needs Further" looks a decent horse in the trials but I dont think he is a slipper horse but lets face it unless some of them jump out of the ground none of these will be winning the slipper either. should win!!

    Needs Further

    Race 2: Dont really like the race all that much but if I have a bet based on odds it will be Altered Boy

    Altered Boy

    Race 3: Really like this race for a couple of reasons, Horizons is back 1st up and will be short, personally dont think she is ready, on top of that I think there are 2 very good horses resuming in The Mikado and also Sparkled, 1st up last campaign Sparkled ran 4th to Love Conquers, St Augustine and Sister Madly ran 3rd, in that race he was doing his best work late and should go very close in this, best of all i think we will get a semi decent price.

    Sparkledfrom The Mikado and Winter King (place chance only)

    Race 4: Bright Mind from Sandberg

    Race 5: Pins on Parade from The Jackal

    Race 6: Not too bad a race here, Gigas only just won last start and they could not have gone any slower in front, I dont think that will happen here and if it foesnt Chameleon should come from the back and be too strong, the other horse that could do the same is Magic Model, was in all the good races last spring and wasnt too far off them.

    Chameleon from Magic Model

    Race 7: Stratofortress will go very close here and at his best I think he just wins, I dont like how he ran last start even without the distance issues, will be stunned if he does not run a place though. Stratofortress and Will to Win should lead here and will put on a semi decent speed, Mossurmi should sit just off them and be within striking distance coming over the rise.

    Mossurmi from Will to Win and Stratofortress

    Race 8: Offhanded from Madibagold

    Randwick Best Bets Sparkled | Chameleon


    Flemington Races

    Race 2: Captain Coltish
    Race 3: Apprehend from Macedonian
    Race 4: Sadalbari
    Race 5: Eraset from Encosta Belief
    Race 6: Burdekin Blues leads easilly here and Starspangledbanner will sit 1-2 lengths away and have to cart up the field, I think Starspangledbanner is easilly the best horse in this race but this is not his grand final and believe he is too short.

    Shellscrape to win from Sister Madly and Duporth

    Race 7: Salinas from Orbiting Belle
    Race 8: Portland Paige from Golden Honey

    Best in Melbourne
    Sadalbari | Shellscrape | Salinas
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