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Thread: Spring Carnival 2011

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    Default Spring Carnival 2011

    its that time again boys.
    last year we got some great input from some people in regards to tips/thoughts/etc
    lets see if we can get it all going again!

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    Default Re: Spring Carnival 2011

    Betting on Saptapadi at 30-1 in caulfield cup and double it into the melbourne cup with a few horses.

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    Default Re: Spring Carnival 2011

    anyone running a melb cup sweep?
    you want some, come get some

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    Default Re: Spring Carnival 2011

    Myself and nickakka have run the Melbourne Cup Sweep for the last couple of years, but with the numbers seemingly down on this site, we'll play it by ear. More to come...

    As for the Caulfield Cup this weekend, I had been finding horses to beat December Draw, but they've all dropped out of the running, and the remaining field is very ordinary. Now have to do a rethink, but don't mind both of the Cumani horses in a pretty weak field.
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