PokerNetwork is pleased to provide all PokerNetwork’ers access to the new Staking & Backing Forum.

The new forum will be for PokerNetworker members to help each other out in an effort to build our community and support each other on the felt.

You will be able to upload your ChipMeUp profile and post information regarding events you wish to find backing for – such as past results, links to hand histories and blogs that detail past tournament experiences.

We suggest that members create a new thread for events that you have listed on CMU and link to it from here. Now you have a new way to promote your CMU listings!

The only condition is that to use this forum to promote your staking opportunities, you must place a link back to in your ChipMeUp profile, and from your profile in the links section of both.

To do this you must log in to your ChipMeUp profile, click on My Settings, and under My Details click the Add Links button. Then on a separate line write and click save.

We at PokerNetwork understand that providing other players with opportunities to tackle the tournament world will help improve our community as well as give players a chance of playing something they may not normally be able to.