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    Hi all,

    New to the forum but have been around a while. Firstly a little bit of my story.

    I am 35 years old. I started playing poker in '05 and started taking it seriously in '07. I have been a member of PXF for some time and have had personal training to improve my game from some of the best names in the business (PM me for details).

    I played for a year full-time and was backed in '07 (PM me for backers details as you would all know him) for MTT's and quite honestly only broke about even (for MTT's) over a 6 month period and paid back my make-up and got out of the arrangement.

    I made the majority of my profit in "07 4-tabling mid-stakes SNG's on Full Tilt (look up headnick on sharkscope for Full Tilt stats) and at one stage was top 5 worldwide for mid stakes SNG ROI and profit, however I still only made a $20,000 profit in that year (16% ROI) which was not sustainable income for my age and lifestyle, so I have since gone back to work and moved to a semi-rural community with my family.

    Now...I do well financially but have a family so I do not have a huge disposable income to play high stakes (I practice strict BR Management), and I also do not have the time to play MTT's, so I have now reverted back to playing smaller-stakes SNG's (which bore the hell out of me) and up until recently small stakes RUSH on Full Tilt which I did quite well at.

    Now if you look at my most recent sharkscope stats you will see I have been hovering around break-even however I do concede that even though I use software I still play waaaayyyyy too many tables at once (12 to 16) due to boredom with playing low stakes. It may pay to disregard my Stars stats as the majority of these stats were accumulated in '05/'06 when I was very fishy

    So here goes.....

    I am looking to possibly enter into an arrangement to play high stakes SNG's ($100-500). I cannot and will not guarantee anything other than the fact that I will only ever play 4 tables at any one time, and will always text when and if I am playing. I will only play approximatley 40 tourney's a week and all of these will be between 8:30PM and 1:00AM Australian time.

    I will only enter into an arrangement with serious backers who understand variance and are looking for a long-term agreement.

    If you are keen and require further information feel free to send me a message.


    AKA headnick
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