I am currently looking for more players to stake. 25NL up to 400NL, 6max, FullRing, HeadsUp or SNG.

I am from New Zealand and been in the Poker industry for a long time

Contract will be 50K hands over a maximum of 2 months with MakeUp.

Profit Split will be 50/50, RB will also be a 50/50 split.
It is possible to have better split after proven results.

I am always online so discussing hands isn't a problem or answering any questions you may have. I myself play up to 100NL 6max

If you are interested please pm me with the following information

- All Screen names on sites
- Forum Names
- Name
- Age
- Location
- Profession/Occupation
- Graph/Report sample over 50K Hands (Must be a winning sample)
- Why you want to be stake?
- Have you been staked before? If Yes: Why did it end and who by?
- What limit do you want to be staked at?
- How many hands can you play per month?
- Your Skype address

* Must show me a winning sample
* Must be willing to play more than 35k hands per month
* Must have Skype and give updates at least once per week

After PM please paste your screen name and pm sent in this thread

Look forward to hearing from you.