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Thread: More W$ for sale

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    SuperTing Guest

    Default More W$ for sale

    I have a further $3300 of pokerstars W$ (event entry) for sale they can be used for almost every tourney in the events section including the upcoming SCOOP.

    Make me an offer for all or some of the $ here or email

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    hater Guest

    Default Re: More W$ for sale

    whats the going rate?

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    StoothSickicy Guest

    Default Hello everyone!

    Hi everyone. This isn't my first post, but its the first one that I've made in a while.

    I recognize a few of the usernames from when I used to post here, but I doubt too many of you remember me.

    Just saying hello! I expect that I'll be posting here more often from now on....

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    Cannon Balls Guest

    Default Re: More W$ for sale

    yeah what is the going rate?

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