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Thread: 7 Good Poker Books for sale

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    Ice105 Guest

    Default 7 Good Poker Books for sale

    Hi everyone,
    I got 7 poker books for sale, becasue I'm moving overseas soon, and they're too heavey for me. These books are great for poker skills leaning (all from great poker player(s)/well know author(s) & Excellent Condition!!

    Here's the list:
    1.Super System I $8
    2. Super System II $8 (Buy I&II for just $13, this book set is which ppl called the Bible of poker)
    3. Ace on the River $6 (Written by Barry Greenstein - long time winner in the biggest cash game in the world.)
    4. Small Stakes Hold'em $5
    5. Hold'em Poker For Advanced Players $5
    6. Tournament Poker $5 (no. 4-6 written by noted & respected poker authors from Two Plus Two Publishing)
    7. Book of Bluffs $5 (written by noted poker columnist for Cardplayer magazine)

    I'm located in Brisbane, if you too, that would be great to pick up, so that you can save the shipping cost.

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    Default Re: 7 Good Poker Books for sale
    please forward contact details to my email

    I would like to purchase the two super systems....
    and possibly the lot


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    Ice105 Guest

    Default Re: 7 Good Poker Books for sale

    Hi, I've email you with the contact details

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    nickkaka Guest

    Default Re: 7 Good Poker Books for sale

    If Usual Suspect does not want ace on the river - ill take it

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