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Wardak Claws Back

Posted 2009-01-18 GMT+11
Eric Assadourian is standing about five feet behind Saidal Wardak, leaning in after almost every significant hand to give words of advice. Perhaps that is paying off. Wardak called a button raise of 50,000 from Ben Delaney. On a flop of {J-Hearts} {6-Hearts} {J-Diamonds}, Delaney bet 65,000 after Wardak checked. Wardak then came over the top to 200,000, folding Delaney. Not one to be outdone, he opened his hand, just as Delaney had done previously, and showed {A-Hearts} {7-Diamonds}.

150K for Delaney

Posted 2009-01-18 GMT+11
Ben Delaney just took a significant bite out of Saidal Wardak's chip stack. Delaney raised to 50,000 with the button, then called a reraise by Wardak to 150,000. Wardak acted first on the {A-Spades} {9-Spades} {6-Hearts} flop and checked it over to Delaney. Delaney calmly counted out a bet of 220,000. Wardak counted out his own stack to figure out where he stood in the hand, then mucked. Delaney excitedly showed {7-Hearts} {7-Clubs}.

Too Much Jim Beam

Posted 2009-01-18 GMT+11
The Jim Beam Party Crew's boisterous actions have finally gotten under the skin of Ben Delaney. After a recent hand he stood up and quietly asked the floor supervisor to settle them down. To their credit, they immediately complied.

The Chocolate Chips are Here!

Posted 2009-01-18 GMT+11
Crown Director of Poker Operations Jonno Pittock recently introduced the so-called "chocolate chips" into play. They are brown chips that each have a value of 25,000. As a result the stacks look significantly smaller. Perhaps that will encourage more play.

Level 28 started


Delaney Looking for Kryptonite?

Posted 2009-01-18 GMT+11
While we have the time, it seems Saidal Wardak has a number of nicknames. In addition to the now common refrain of "Come on Saidal," we've heard his mates alternately say, "Come on Sammy," "Come on Shady," and "Come on Superman."

Former Crown Poker Room manager Danny McDonagh has joined the festivities, immediately heading for the open bottles of champagne. McDonagh worked here for many years before joining the Asia Pacific Poker Tour as Tournament Director a few years ago. He's also been named the Tournament Director of the recently launched Australia - New Zealand Poker Tour.

Break Open the Bubbly

Posted 2009-01-18 GMT+11
Jim Beam Party Crew with the Moet
Jim Beam Party Crew with the Moet
The Jim Beam Party Crew, already in high spirits, ordered a few bottles of champagne to be delivered to the final table area. Eric Assadourian commented to Saidal Wardak, "They're celebrating in advance," perhaps trying to encourage Wardak to win the tournament. Glasses of the bubbly stuff are being freely passed around (unfortunately none of them made it in our direction).

At the table there hasn't been much action to speak of. The two players chopped a pot when each showed down eight-seven, but otherwise continue to trade the big blind back and forth. I wish there were a way to make it sound more interesting than that, but sometimes a spade's a spade.

A Hand to the Showdown!

Posted 2009-01-18 GMT+11
Heads up for the title
Heads up for the title
We finally had a hand go to showdown. There was even action on almost every street! Although the two players checked the {6-Clubs} {A-Clubs} {A-Spades} flop, Saidal Wardak bet 60,000 on the turn {K-Hearts}. Ben Delaney called. The river fell {Q-Spades} and brought checks from both players. Wardak showed pocket deuces for two pair, aces and deuces. Delaney turned over {K-Diamonds} {9-Hearts} for two pair, aces and kings. He took down the pot.

An interesting side note: Eric Assadourian is in Wardak's corner along with the Jim Beam Party Crew. He's been offering Wardak words of encouragement in between hands and giving him generalized, heads-up meta game tips.

Updated Chip Counts

Posted 2009-01-18 GMT+11
Ben Delaney - 1,275,000
Saidal Wardak - 970,000

Flops Become Endangered

Posted 2009-01-18 GMT+11
The two players have settled into a "raise it and take it" routine and are passing the big blind back and forth to each other. If this keeps up it could be a while before we have a winner.
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