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Day Day 1b completed

Posted 2010-11-14 GMT+8

Main Event
Day Day 1b completed

Day 1b Wrapped Up; Puno and En Share Top Dog!

Posted 2010-11-13 GMT+8
Richard En
Richard En

The Shangri-La Mactan Resort & Spa played host to another short but explosive Day 1b of the PokerStars.net Asia Pacific Poker Tour Cebu Main Event has come to a close!

With a delayed start to the day, many were expecting a bumper turnout of players that would provide one of the highest calibre fields ever assembled in the Philippines.

161 players took to the felt today with APPT Sydney Champion Aaron Benton, 2007 WSOPE H.O.R.S.E Bracelet holder Thomas Bihl and tournament veterans Leo Boxell, Joe Cabret and Raj Ramakrishnan all unable to survive. Six Team PokerStars Pros also took part with Celina Lin and Tae-Joon Noh being the unfortunate one unable to bag chips; with Noh busting in the final few minutes of play

With Richard En and John Maklouf fighting over the chip lead for the last part of the day, it would be the unknown Mike Puno that would make the latest of surges to sit atop the remaining 90 players with a 85,700-chip stack.

Snapping on his heels though would be En (85,325), Inwook Choi (62,850) and Maklouf (56,575). Team PokerStars Pros Bryan Huang (68,525), Tony Hachem (34,275), Joe Hachem (33,600) and Raymond Wu (20,000) managed to survive for a Day 2 berth while Mishel Anunu (50,000), Van Marcus (30,600), John Dalessandri (23,150) and Daren Yoon (8,050) are all still in contention.

The PokerNews Live Reporting team will be back on the floor tomorrow from 12:15 pm PHT providing all the live coverage as we attempt to play down to the money on a highly anticipated and action-expected Day 2 of the APPT Cebu Main Event!

Noh Nicked

Posted 2010-11-13 GMT+8
Tae-Joon Noh
Tae-Joon Noh

Tae-Joon Noh has become a late casualty in today's tournament when he found himself all in on an eight-high board holding top pair.

Unfortunately his opponent held {9-}{9-}, and when Noh failed to improve, he was forced to exit to the rail.

Last Minute Photos

Posted 2010-11-13 GMT+8 by

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Four More Hands!

Posted 2010-11-13 GMT+8

It has just been decided that there will be four more hands for the evening.

Second Nuts for Marvanek

Posted 2010-11-13 GMT+8

Michael Marvanek opened to 1,500 from late position only to have an opponent on the button move all in for an additional 5,350. Marvanek tanked for nearly a minute before making the call.

Marvanek: {J-Spades}{8-Spades}
Opponent: {A-Hearts}{10-Clubs}

The board rolled out {5-Spades}{9-Spades}{Q-Clubs}{10-Diamonds}{2-Diamonds} to see Marvanek make a straight to eliminate his opponent.

"I only play the nuts! Well, the second nuts!" stated Marvanek as he collected the pot to move to 26,000 in chips.

Deuce! Deuce! Deuce!

Posted 2010-11-13 GMT+8
Richard En
Richard En

Richard En found himself involved in another preflop clash having his opponent dominated.

En: {10-Diamonds}{10-Hearts}
Opponent: {A-Hearts}{10-Spades}

"Deuce, deuce, deuce!" screamed En as the dealer dropped the {6-Clubs}{2-Clubs}{2-Spades} flop.

The table burst into laughter, and as En continued to scream for another deuce, the dealer obliged by peeling the {2-Diamonds} on the turn.

"Ok, no more deuces please!" added En.

The dealer obliged by dropping the {6-Hearts} on the river to ensure En another victim while sending his stack up to 85,000 and change.

Hachem Climbing Back

Posted 2010-11-13 GMT+8

With a raise to 1,650 from middle position, and a call, Tony Hachem bumped it up to 4,500 from the small blind.

Both the raiser and caller made the call to see a {Q-Diamonds}{2-Hearts}{J-Hearts} flop fall and a continuation bet of 3,800 follow from Hachem.

Both players tossed in their cards to see Hachem collect the pot to move to 34,000 while flashing his {A-Clubs}{K-Diamonds}.

Kursunlu KO'd

Posted 2010-11-13 GMT+8
Gokhan Kursunlu
Gokhan Kursunlu

In a battle of the blinds, Gokhan Kursunlu found himself all in against Richard En.

Kursunlu: {A-Hearts}{K-Diamonds}
En: {10-Clubs}{10-Hearts}

The board rolled out {5-Clubs}{2-Hearts}{Q-Clubs}{4-Spades}{J-Spades} to see Kursunlu go unimproved, and consequently headed to the rail.

Level 6 started

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Winner Young-shin Im
Winning Hand ♦A♣6
Prize 5,810,000

Level Info

Level 6
Blinds 300 / 600
Ante 50

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