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Time Chip Time For Feldman

Posted 2011-01-27 GMT+11

With the board reading {j-Spades}{7-Diamonds}{9-Clubs} and about 65,000 in the pot preflop, Andrew Feldman tossed out a 32,500 bet from the big blind. Wang Qiang made the call, and the two saw the {10-Hearts} hit on the turn.

Feldman checked his action over to Qiang, who bet 35,000. After about twenty seconds or so, Feldman tossed out one of his two time bank chips, giving him an additional thirty seconds to act. After some thought, he made the call and the dealer peeled out the {8-Spades} on the river, creating a straight on the board.

Feldman didn't need his second time button for this decision, and he quickly made it 70,000. Qiang gave up his hand, pushing the pot to Feldman.

Sam Trickett told Feldman, he put him on queens, and Feldman stated he had ace-queen. Annette Obrestad said she folded ten-eight preflop, and David Benyamine said he folded the ol' ten-eight as well.

The hand pushed Feldman up to about 300,000, while dropping Qiang to about 315,000.

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