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Feel the Powell-er!

Posted 2011-01-19 GMT+11
Jack Powell's in control!
Jack Powell's in control!

Jack Powell has now taken a commanding chip lead at this final table, moving on up to more than 760,000 through Barry Drysdale.

Soren Blanner raised to 34,000 from the button preflop and Powell called from the small blind, as did Drysdale from the big blind to make it a family pot into a flop that read {2-Hearts}{J-Hearts}{8-Clubs}.

Powell checked, Drysdale led out for 63,000, Blanner folded and Powell called before checking again on the turn of the {9-Clubs}. Drysdale opened for 120,000 and again, Powell check-called before both players checked the river of the {3-Clubs}.

Powell quickly rolled up {J-Clubs}{10-Clubs} and Drysdale mucked his hand. He's now the short stack at this final table with just over 260,000.

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