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Allan Picks Off a Bluff

Posted 2012-07-24 GMT+12 by

Dave Allan has just landed a severe blow to the tournament of Richard Lancaster after making a remarkable read and river call to leave the Kiwi, and the rest of the table, rather stunned.

We arrived on the turn but it was recalled to us that Allan had bet 1,200 on the flop of {10-Hearts}{7-Diamonds}{3-Hearts} and Lancaster called in position on the button. The turn brought the {4-Clubs} and Allan let go with another bet, this time for 3,350. Lancaster responded with a raise to 7,500 with Allan spending a few minutes in the think-tank before making the call.

The river brought the {5-Spades} to put four to a straight on board. Allan checked and Lancaster reached for 9,500 and tossed it forwards. Allan gave a shrug and quickly flicked out a call. Lancaster gave a smile through clenched teeth as he opened {a-Hearts}{q-Hearts} for just ace high. Allan took a moment to make sure his opponent had nothing before he revealed {a-Spades}{5-Diamonds} for just a lowly pair of fives.

“That’s why I don’t win tournaments, because I can never call there!” exclaimed one player at the table.

Allan gave another shrug as he raked in the healthy pot to end the day with around 90,000 as Lancaster slips to 38,000.

Chip Counts
David Allan 90,000 70,000 pos
Richard Lancaster 38,000 18,000 pos

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Winner David Allan
Winning Hand ♠10♠6
Prize 110,600

Level Info

Level 6
Blinds 200 / 400
Ante 25

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