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Jetten Jettisoned by Alavarado's Aces

Posted 2012-08-18 GMT+2 by

Peter Jetten raised to 65,000 under the gun and cleared the field all the way around to JC Alvarado in the big blind. The latter pushed back with a three-bet to 280,000, and Jetten ended up getting his stack in the pot.



It was the worst of spots for Jetten, and while the {A-Hearts}{K-Hearts}{Q-Clubs} flop gave him two pair, it also gave Alvarado a set. Jetten needed runner-runner to stay alive, but it was not meant to be as the {8-Hearts} peeled off on the turn. The meaningless {J-Spades} was put out on the river, Jetten exited in 10th place, and play was halted for the final nine players to redraw to the unofficial final table.

Chip Counts
JC Alvarado 2,900,000 1,617,000 pos
Peter Jetten Busted

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Winner Dan Smith
Winning Hand ♠A♦K
Prize 962,925

Level Info

Level 16
Blinds 15,000 / 30,000
Ante 4,000

Players Info

Prize Pool 3,072,960