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Wong Back Up

Posted 2012-04-26 GMT+8 by

Kenneth Wong started the day strong and then plateaued a bit for much of the later half of the day. The last level or so though has seen Wong move back up.

We caught a recent hand involving Wong that started when the hijack player opened it up 2,000. Wong was in the small blind and made the call, while the big blind player also came along for the ride.

The {a-Clubs}{4-Diamonds}{9-Spades} flop would see all three players check as the {2-Clubs} landed on the turn. This time Wong would not be so quiet, throwing out 3,700. Both players got out of the way and Wong took down the nice little pot.

Chip Counts
Kenneth Wong 37,000 9,000 pos

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Winner Hoang Anh Do
Winning Hand ♠A♠8
Prize 5,927,000

Level Info

Level 6
Blinds 300 / 600
Ante 75

Players Info