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Backhanded Compliment

Posted 2012-04-29 GMT+8 • Level 15: 2,000-4,000, 500 ante

“Where are you from?” asked Carter Gill.

“France,” replied Antoine Amourette.

“Where abouts?”


“Yeah? You play pretty good for a French guy!”

Not Hasse's Day

Posted 2012-04-29 GMT+8

Julian Hasse brutally lost most of his stack holding pocket-aces against pocket-tens and now, has recently seen his tournament end.

Hasse was all in preflop and watched on while Sang Yong Lee and Andrew Nguyen would take to a {7-Clubs}{2-Clubs}{2-Clubs} flop. Lee was first to act and opted to check, while Nguyen flicked out 16,500. It was enough to get Lee to lay down his hand as Nguyen and Hasse would turn their hands over.

"Have ace-king one time," said Hasse as he turned over {10-Clubs}{9-Clubs} for a flush draw and some over cards.

Hasse's wish came true as Nguyen turned over {a-Diamonds}{k-Hearts}.

The {6-Hearts} on the turn gave Hasse a couple more outs to the straight, but the {q-Spades} gave him no help as Hasse exits in 26th place.

Chip Counts
Julian Hasse Busted

Wong Straightened by Kanaan

Posted 2012-04-29 GMT+8

“Unf**king believable!” exclaimed Nick Wong after the river hand landed and the chips were pushed towards Michael Kanaan. Wong was dirty because he had flopped the straight holding {9-Clubs}{7-Clubs} on a flop of {10-Hearts}{8-Spades}{j-Hearts} but it got run down by Kanaan.

We assume Wong bet the flop and {J-Clubs} turn, before both players checked the {9-Hearts} river as Kanaan opened {q-Clubs}{j-Spades} for a bigger straight to take it down.

Chip Counts
Michael Kanaan 185,000 85,000 pos
Nicholas Wong 140,000 -121,000 neg

Aces Hurt Hasse

Posted 2012-04-29 GMT+8

When Julian Hasse woke up with {a-Diamonds}{a-Hearts} early here on Day 3 we are sure he was quietly happy. When he managed to get Xue Bin Pang to commit all his chips preflop holding {10-Hearts}{10-Clubs}, we are sure Hasse was even happier.

Howver, and there does always seem to be a however in these situations, when the board ran out {10-Diamonds}{5-Clubs}{7-Diamonds}{5-Spades}{2-Hearts}, it was a painful hand for Hasse as he no struggles on slightly less than 25,000.

Chip Counts
Xue Bin Pang 210,000 110,000 pos
Julian Hasse 25,000 -105,000 neg

Up and Down Kitty

Posted 2012-04-29 GMT+8

Kitty Kuo has had plenty of highs and lows already here on Day 3, having taken down a double-up early, only to lose a pot and sit with around what she started the day with. Well, it's back up again for Kuo as she has taken another double for the ladies.

It started with Amit Varma opening to 8,500 from the hijack. Kuo was then in the big blind and three-bet all-in for around 40,000. Varma made the call and turned over his {2-Hearts}{2-Diamonds}. Kuo would have plenty to work with, flipping over her {a-Hearts}{9-Spades}

Board: {q-Diamonds}{7-Clubs}{5-Spades}{9-Hearts}{10-Diamonds}

A good board for Kuo as she takes the double.

Chip Counts
Kitty Kuo 85,000 45,000 pos

Level 15 started


Kuo Claws To Life

Posted 2012-04-29 GMT+8

Kitty Kuo returned today as the only female still in contention to take down the title and she has managed to take one closer step to doing just that by picking up an early double.

It all started when Kuo opened it up to 6,500 from the under the gun. The action was then sent flying around to Michael Kanaan who three-bet to 15,000. With the play back on Kuo, she would jam for her around 35,000-chip stack. Kanaan made the call and the two turned their hands over.

Kanaan: {9-}{9-}
Kuo: {a-}{a-}

The board ran out with no danger for Kuo as she took down the handy double.

Chip Counts
Michael Kanaan 100,000 -57,000 neg
Kitty Kuo 75,000 41,000 pos

Another One Home

Posted 2012-04-29 GMT+8

Starting the day with only 20 big blinds, Steven Tegnelia was going to need to do some work early here on Day 3. Unfortunately Tegnelia wasn't able to do that and goes home in 27th place for a min-cash.

Chip Counts
Steven Tegnelia Busted

Zhang First Out

Posted 2012-04-29 GMT+8

Our first elimination of the day is Filipino local Mark Anthony Ortiz. He came into today as the second shortest stack of the field and looked to double up with {a-Clubs}{7-Spades} but he ran smack into the {a-Hearts}{a-Spades} of Bobby Zhang.

The board ran out {6-Spades}{2-Hearts}{4-Clubs}{j-Diamonds}{5-Clubs} to leave Ortiz the first to visit the cashier and a PHP153,510 pay day.

Chip Counts
Bobby Zhang 170,000 50,000 pos
Mark Anthony Ortiz Busted

Time to Go

Posted 2012-04-29 GMT+8 • Level 14: 1,500-3,000, 500 ante

The cards are now being dealt! There was around 15 minutes left on Level 14 last night, so we will be playing out the remainder of that level before kicking on with regular hour-long levels. The plan is to play down to a final table. It's hard to tell how long that will take at this point, but somewhere in the range of 6-7 levels.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 


Winner Hoang Anh Do
Winning Hand ♠A♠8
Prize 5,927,000

Level Info

Level 20
Blinds 6,000 / 12,000
Ante 2,000

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