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The Kost of Poker

Posted 2012-06-14 GMT-7 by

Omaha Hi/Lo:

We joined three-way action just as all three men were putting chips into the pot on the flop. It showed {7-Hearts} {Q-Clubs} {6-Diamonds}, and we found Allen Cunningham, Nick Kost, and Rep Porter mixing it up. We're not sure who did the betting on the flop, but it was definitely Porter on the turn. His big bet folded Cunningham, but Kost check-called to see the last card.

It was the {5-Hearts}, and now Kost led out with his own bet. Porter called, and Kost fanned his cards silently: {A-Hearts} {J-Hearts} {8-Diamonds} {3-Spades}

"Ace-three with the nut hearts?" Porter read his hand for him. It was good for the scoop, and Kost has moved back into contention for the chip lead.

Chip Counts
Nick Kost 246,000 71,000 pos
Rep Porter 101,000 13,000 pos

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Winner Ylon Schwartz
Winning Hand ♠K♥Q♠Q♣8♥7
Prize 267,081

Level Info

Level 20
Blinds 0 / 0
Ante 0

Players Info

Prize Pool 1,200,150