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Ryan Laplante Eliminated in 7th Place ($56,372)

Posted 2012-06-19 GMT-6
Ryan Laplante - 7th place
Ryan Laplante - 7th place

Action folded over to Max Steinberg on the button and he raised it up to 50,000. Next to act was Ryan Laplante who took a few seconds measuring out his stack before moving all in for around 450,000. Dylan Hortin in the big blind was up next and he moved all in. Steinberg folded, and cards were tabled.

Hortin: {j-Diamonds}{j-Clubs}
Laplante: {A-Spades}{Q-Spades}

The board came {6-Spades}{10-Clubs}{9-Clubs}{2-Hearts}{k-Diamonds} and Laplante was eliminated after he failed to grab hold of anything. Hortin now sits with around 2,850,000 and holds a strong chip lead on the rest of the table.

Chip Counts
Dylan Hortin 2,850,000 600,000 pos
Ryan Laplante Busted

Hortin Takes Chip Lead Back From Gerber

Posted 2012-06-19 GMT-6

Dylan Hortin opened to 48,000 under the gun and Samuel Gerber three-bet to what looked to be about 120,000 from the cutoff. Action folded back to Hortin who four-bet to 325,000. A call from Gerber landed a {J-Diamonds}{10-Spades}{2-Diamonds} flop.

Hortin fired 415,000, enough to get Gerber to lay it down.

Chip Counts
Dylan Hortin 2,250,000 360,000 pos
Samuel Gerber 2,030,000 -333,000 neg

Level 24 started


Chip Counts

Posted 2012-06-19 GMT-6

The players are currently in the midst of a 20-minute break.

Chip Counts
Samuel Gerber 2,363,000 13,000 pos
Dylan Hortin 1,890,000 -10,000 neg
Joseph Marzicola 1,797,000 -43,000 neg
Max Steinberg 801,000 -39,000 neg
David Nicholson 640,000 -10,000 neg
Ryan Laplante 456,000 -24,000 neg
Matt Stout 451,000 71,000 pos

Vitaly Meshcheriakov Eliminated in 8th Place ($42,688)

Posted 2012-06-19 GMT-6
Vitaly Meshcheriakov - 8th place
Vitaly Meshcheriakov - 8th place

Samuel Gerber raised from under the gun and made it 52,000 and action folded around to Vitaly Mescheriakov in the big blind who three-bet to 125,000. After a few moments Gerber moved all in and was snap called.

Samuel Gerber: {6-Hearts}{6-Diamonds}
Vitaly Meshcheriakov: {A-Spades}{k-Diamonds}

The board came {5-Spades}{4-Hearts}{2-Hearts}{10-Hearts}{a-Hearts} and the heart on the river gave Gerber a winning flush. Despite hitting his pair of aces on the river Meshcheriakov came up second best and was sent packing.

Chip Counts
Samuel Gerber 2,350,000 750,000 pos
Vitaly Meshcheriakov Busted

Bets on Bets on Bets

Posted 2012-06-19 GMT-6

Dylan Hortin opened this recent hand and made it 45,000. David Nicholson made the call, and Samuel Gerber three-bet to 120,000 from the button. Hortin got out of the way, and Nicholson four-bet to 260,000. Gerber took his time before announcing all in. Action was back to Nicholson who seemed to have got his hand stuck in the cookie jar. Nicholson eventually did make the fold and Gerber took down the pot.

Chip Counts
Samuel Gerber 1,600,000 572,000 pos
David Nicholson 650,000 -219,000 neg

Christopher Shaw Eliminated in 9th Place ($32,702)

Posted 2012-06-19 GMT-6
Christopher Shaw - 9th place
Christopher Shaw - 9th place

Dylan Hortin raised it up from from the cut-off making it 45,000. Christopher Shaw in the small blind then three-bet to 105,000. Hortin took his time pondering his best option before announcing all in and getting snap called by Shaw.

Shaw: {J-Hearts}{j-Clubs}
Hortin: {A-Diamonds}{Q-Diamonds}

The board came {8-Clubs}{A-Spades}{k-Hearts}{6-Hearts}{3-Clubs} and Shaw was sent packing when his pair of jacks couldn't compete with his opponent's flopped pair of aces.

Chip Counts
Dylan Hortin 1,900,000 632,000 pos
Christopher Shaw Busted

Final Table Play

Posted 2012-06-19 GMT-6 • Level 23: 10,000-20,000, 3,000 ante

The final table is underway and mostly every hand has consisted of a player raising and stealing the blinds and antes.

Level 23 started


Final Table Seating and Chip Counts

Posted 2012-06-19 GMT-6 • Level 22: 8,000-16,000, 2,000 ante
Seat Player Chips
1 Vitaly Meshcheriakov 564,000
2 Samuel Gerber 1,028,000
3 Joseph Marzicola 1,783,000
4 Max Steinberg 1,012,000
5 Ryan Laplante 731,000
6 Dylan Hortin 1,268,000
7 Matt Stout 367,000
8 Christopher Shaw 776,000
9 David Nicholson 869,000
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Winner Max Steinberg
Winning Hand ♦10♥10
Prize 440,238

Level Info

Level 30
Blinds 50,000 / 100,000
Ante 10,000

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