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2012 World Series of Poker › Event 38: $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em


Chip Stats   Last update on 2012-06-22 GMT-7

Jeffrey Manza 1,302,000 1,265,600 pos
Dung Nguyen 1,273,000 1,213,000 pos
Matthew Pierce 804,000 763,300 pos
Blair Hinkle 750,000 727,000 pos
Kristijonas Andrulis 729,000 710,200 pos
Zachary Korik US US 725,000 662,900 pos
Mihails Morozovs 609,000 588,000 pos
Michael Borovetz 558,000 411,100 pos
David Pham 508,000 433,500 pos
Bahman Jahanguiri 461,000 423,200 pos
Theo Tran 458,000 402,900 pos
Tyler Patterson 451,000 394,500 pos
Blake Cahail 431,000 355,000 pos
Jesse Wilke 410,000 364,500 pos
Jason Lester 352,000 278,700 pos
Scott Clements 325,000 270,200 pos
Bastian Fischer 320,000 266,100 pos
Miguel Proulx 285,000 217,800 pos
Jia Liu 268,000 202,200 pos
Ricky Crandell 237,000 196,500 pos
Marcus Gurley 176,000 55,400 pos
Christopher Bonita Busted
Layne Flack Busted
Aharon Shabtay Busted
Ardys Reed Busted
Michael Palamidessi Busted
Dara Davey Busted
Mikhail Timoshin Busted
Gary Hurst Busted
Eric Haddad Busted
Scott Peterson Busted
Jack Palmeri Busted
Bennet Hayes Busted
Daniel Clark Busted
Fred Kulikowski Busted
Scott Augustine Busted
Simeon Naydenov Busted
Joseph Dipascale Busted
Joshua Weiss Busted
Martin Feijo Busted
Keven Stammen Busted
Samuel Lee Busted
Sam Razavi Busted
Lauren Kling Busted
Jesse Yaginuma Busted
Karl Dawson Busted
Grayson Ramage Busted
Anthony Minniti Busted
Thomas Kaplan Busted
Nicolas Cardyn Busted
Isaac Haxton Busted
Ilan Boujenah Busted
Justin Barnum Busted
Anthony Ruberto Busted
Dmitry Kuzmin Busted
Adam Sanders Busted
Travell Thomas Busted
Timothy Good Busted
Dwight Farrell Busted
Eoghan ODea Busted
Rodney Pickering Busted
Timothy Liddell Busted
William Migely Busted
Pete Crisp Busted
Steven Tabb Busted
Scott Shelley Busted
Buffy Shapiro Busted
Steven Gurney-Goldman Busted
Mark Martin Busted
Steven Tripp Busted
Alessandra Dos Santos Busted
Joseph Hunter Busted
Jim Collopy Busted
Jason Senti Busted
Ashton Berner Busted
Francisco Rios Busted
Daniel Cai Busted
Kane Lai Busted
Ivan Mamuzic Busted
Nicholas Mitchell Busted
Matthew Beisner Busted
Jeffrey Fielder Busted
Joe Warling Busted
James Bolender Busted
Dan Smith Busted
Michael Benvenuti Busted
William Jones Busted
Evan Krentzman Busted
Payman Moughaddas Busted
Slaven Popov Busted
Anton Morgenstern Busted
Vitor Coelho US US Busted
Jose Franco Busted
Sami Banizuraij Busted
Tarek Riester Busted
Mike Leah Busted
Stephane Tayar Busted
Mickael Morgousky Busted
Michael Schneider Busted
Jarrod Blackwell Busted
Jordan Morgan Busted
Nicky Evans Busted
Waldemar Essig Busted
Andrew Stringer Busted
Ivan Holmes Busted
Donald Yucius Busted
Michael Cordell Busted
Nabih Zaczac Busted
Steven Fox Busted
Arie Miller Busted
Mark Smith US US Busted
Assani Fisher Busted
Eric Dubreuil Busted
Elon Diamond Busted
Andrew Pauka Busted
Brian Seibert Busted
Jeffrey Davis Busted
Eoghan O'Dea Busted
Kenji Tsukamoto Busted
Thomas Decker Busted
Jason Potter Busted
Kory Kilpatrick Busted
Teddy Conner Busted
Robert Hillman Busted
Robert Cole Busted
Petr Bartagov Busted
Andrea Vezzani Busted
William Gottman Busted
Joshua Schiffman Busted
Kwinsee Khoa Tran Busted
Ryan Smith Busted
Benjamin Zamani Busted
William Mietz Busted
Wai Lau Busted
Sammy Colwell Busted
Christopher Gamboa Busted
Stacey Nutini Busted
John Knipfer Busted
Artem Kobylynskyi Busted
Filipp Khavin Busted
Michael Swimelar Busted
Fernando Furlaneti Busted
Rock Cloutier Busted
James Page Busted
Matt Affleck Busted
Behnam Patros Busted
Mike Sica Busted
Steven Moreau Busted
Leo Whitt Busted
Scott Sitron Busted
Timothy Farrelly Busted
Dario Derenzi Busted
Ted Jivkov Busted
Michael Newport Busted
Aneris Adomkevicius Busted
Richard Barone Busted
Tommy Vedes Busted
Richard Toth Busted
Gergely Meszaros Busted
Keith Block Busted
Nelder Carvalho Busted
Aaron Christman Busted
Priyan de Mel Busted
Will Failla US US Busted
Robert Pisano Busted
Diego Alvarez Busted
Keir Ratcliff Busted
David Levy Busted
Jonah Miller Busted
Jonathan Cohen Busted
Jeanphilippe Matte Busted
Alex Jennings Busted
John Morstad Busted
Richard Osborne Busted
Brian Kee Busted
Peter Rho Busted
Edward Lowitzki Busted
Philippe Boucher Busted
Jared Lawrence Busted
Kenny Phan Busted
Billy Rogers Busted
Henrik Thuesen Busted
Steve Karp Busted
Stefano Ricci Busted
Jarred Solomon Busted
Denys Drobyna Busted
Sarah Beard Busted
Scott Schwalich Busted
Will Jaffe Busted
Shane Bolda Busted
Romuaid Pycior Busted
Jean Ledoux Busted
Andrew Pruitt Busted
Alex Phahurat Busted
Jason Montague Busted
Jonathan Tamayo Busted
Yordan Mitrentsov Busted
Douglas Steller Busted
David Lanes Busted
Hunter Frey Busted
Allen Wiseman Busted
Carlo Braceros Busted
Reinaldo De Santanna Busted
Darryl Ronconi Busted
Sebastian Pollack Busted
Patricia Johnson Busted
Ari Engel Busted
Dylan Wilkerson Busted
Richard Willoughby Busted
Elijah Pena Busted
Paul Renfrow Busted
Jacob Brenden Busted
Ross Myers Busted
Kevin Miller Busted
Harrison Gimbel Busted
Camile Pontillo Busted
Todd Tritsch Busted
Jason Mayfield Busted
Timothy Adams Busted
Jeffrey Carlson Busted
Frank Vulpis Busted
Juan Pastor Busted
Ray Foley Busted
Anthony Ruffolo Busted
Dennis Yeary Busted
Vince Burgio Busted
Eric Baldwin Busted
Gabriel Nassif Busted
Jacob Panzeri Busted
Cory Carlson Busted
Shawn Payne Busted
Mohsin Charania Busted
Edward Hansen Busted
Matthew Huey Busted
Kou Vang Busted
Tonya Baltazar Busted
George Broussard Busted
Jose Ruizdominguez Busted
Andrew Jackson Busted
Istvan Toro Busted
Charlie Dawson Busted
Arthur Lim Busted
Thomas Ahern Busted
Perry Lin Busted
Gregory Marcus Busted
David Miscikowski Busted
Christopher Rauscher Busted
Dane Canelas-Miller Busted
Stephen Graner Busted
Christian Steen Busted
Fred Goldberg Busted
Kyle Burnside Busted
Philip Tom Busted
Jeffrey Tanouye Busted
Andrew Dean Busted
Nicholas Wong Busted
Bill Varga Busted
David Levi Busted
Carlos Heller Busted
Tony Cousineau Busted
Mike Fraser Busted
Charles Nelson Busted
Joseph Sanchez Busted
Martin Diaz Busted
Anthony Rubio Busted
Candido Pondo Busted
Duane Yoshioka Busted
In Sun Geoum Busted
David Schwind Busted
Jorge Fregoso Busted
Steven Silverman Busted
Scott Epstein Busted
John Cossin Busted
Park Yu Cheung Busted
Qinghai Pan Busted
John Clark Busted
Scott Petersen Busted
Matthias Nilsson Busted
Matias Nilsson Busted
Chad Yurkin Busted
Roger Hudson Busted

Events List


Winner Dung Nguyen
Winning Hand ♥Q♠10
Prize 607,200

Level Info

Level 21
Blinds 6,000 / 12,000
Ante 2,000

Players Info