18 Remain in Queenstown; Hachem Cashes Four In A Row!

Posted at 12:18 2009-07-25
Day 2 of the PokerStars.net ANZPT Queenstown Main Event saw 91 players return to the felt over two abbreviated sessions – the first kicked off at 12pm with the remainder hitting the felt at 3pm. By the time 6pm rolled around, the 60 remaining players were finally in the same room together for the first time and the battle to reach the cash was on! With only five tables in action, SKYCITY Queenstown’s only poker table had to be pulled out to seat the entire field together.
John Pye emerged as a front-runner as overnight chip leader Julius Colman slipped back to the pack when his pocket aces ran into an opponent’s set of nines. Meanwhile PokerStars Team Australia Pros Grant Levy and Celina Lin were sent to the rail. Levy ran his AQ into an opponent’s AK, while Lin’s flush draw failed to improve against Stewart Scott’s pocket aces.
Robert Wang was progressing well after the dinner break, but Emad Tahtouh was sent to back to the ski slopes after his pocket eights fell to the pocket jacks of Andrew Hinrichsen.
Meanwhile the story of the day belonged to local businessman John Guthrie and his giant-killing run. Guthrie ended the remarkable comeback of Andrew Scott, who recovered from the day’s short-stack to get himself within sight of a cash result. The two collided on a {5c}{As}{Qs} flop with Scott’s {Ac}{Jh} in great shape against Guthrie’s {Ad}{Td}, only to see the {Ts} land on the turn. The river bricked and Scott was sent crashing to the rail in devastating fashion in 21st place.
Guthrie continued his hot form to burst the bubble in dramatic fashion on his way to a commanding chip lead over the field. Young Australian Tim Clarke was the all-in player with pocket aces on a jack-high flop against Guthrie’s J-T, however another jack on the river spelt the end for Clarke.  Guthrie, who was down to just 1,200 in chips at one stage during the day, catapulted himself to a massive 683,500 chips which is over a quarter of the total chips in play!
PokerStars Team Australia pro Tony Hachem has again reached the money stage to make it four cashes from four ANZPT tournaments – an incredible achievement in itself. He’s on the short stack but will be looking to reach his first ANZPT final table and secure the overall points lead in the season points race.
Four PokerStars online qualifiers join Hachem in the final 18 which is dominated by the locals, including former Queenstown mayor David Bradford who currently sits third in chips. Aussie Millions final tablist, Raj Ramakrishnan is also still in contention for the title.
Here’s how they ended up after Day 2 of play:
John Guthrie - 683,500
William Mauga - 229,500
David Bradford - 213,000
Daniel Chevalier - 185,000
John Pye - 171,500
Andrew Hinrichsen - 169,500
Steven Smith - 112,500
Mark Measey - 94,500
Glenn Maiden - 93,000
Mark Walker - 86,500
Paul Chisnall - 68,000
Sam Williams - 67,000
Robert Wang - 59,000
Rajkumar Ramakrishnan - 55,000
David Bonham - 54,500
Cesar Cavagnero - 46,000
Tony Hachem - 43,500
Aaron Golledge - 41,000
Saturday will be the final day of play as the remaining 18 players will fight it out to crown a new champion of the ANZPT. Who will it be?


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18 Remain at ANZPT Queenstown! 18 Remain at ANZPT Queenstown!

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