2008 Victorian Poker Championships Day 2 - Callum Ford & Ken Eastwood Victorious!

Posted at 12:22 2008-08-05

Day 2 of the 2008 Victorian Championships began with the first of four morning tournaments with the $100 No Limit Crazy Pineapple kicking off with 76 runners. With dealers having to adjust to dealing three cards and collecting a discard after the betting round on the flop, the field included Peter Aristidou, Callum Ford, Sean Dunwoodie, Michael Palti, Andrew Demetriou, Marwan Nassif and Emmanuel ‘Curly’ Seal with the final results being:

1st – Brendan Edmonds $2,262
2nd – Sean Dunwoodie $1,421
3rd – Rowan Barrat $775
4th – Marwan Nassif $581
5th – Nina Gojak $452
6th – Chris Housser $388
7th – Vanessa Butterworth $323
8th – Bradley Gauci $258
Today would also include the final table of Event #1: $230 No Limit Holdem, with 10 players returning to fight for the $17,260 first prize.
With the clock being would back a level it would be local regular Scott Reddie quadrupling-up early to give himself some breathing space. However it would be a short day for Alan Xerri (10th), David Lovell (9th) and Michael Christidoulou (8th) who would all fall in quick succession. After building his chip lead to the near 400,000 mark, young Sydney-sider Callum Ford would eventually lose three all-in confrontations to be down to 77,000 in chips and in a spot unknown to him during the tournament; the short stack.
After finding a well needed double with {Kh}{4s} against Matthew Hawker’s {7h}{7s} and seeing the eliminations of Danny Mountt (7th) and Reddie (6th), Ford was back amongst the chip leaders.  He then won the crucial race of the final table when the two chip leaders clashed, with Ford’s {Qs}{Js} out-flopped Hawker’s {As}{Kc} to give Ford a commanding chip lead. With Tola Chin (5th) and Hawker (4th) eliminated, Ford then made quick work of Milan Gurang (3rd) and Ryan McKay (2nd) with very aggressive big-stack play.
Heads-up play only lasted two hands, when Ford’s {Ts}{Td} were too good for McKay’s {Qh}{8h}, to see Callum Ford crowned champion for Event #1 earning him a $17,260 payday.
1st – Callum Ford $17,260
2nd – Ryan McKay $11,919
3rd – Milan Gurung *8,220
4th – Matthew Hawker $6,576
5th – Tola Chim $5,138
6th – Scott Reddie $4,110
7th – Danny Mountt $3,288
8th – Michael Christodoulou $2,466
9th – David Lovell $1,850
10th – Alan Xerri $1,233
Day 2 also saw Event #2: $340 Pot Limit Omaha Hi-Lo kick off at 7:10pm with 98 runners taking the field including the likes of Graeme ‘Kiwi G’ Putt, Van Marcus, Joe Hachem, Michael Tomeny, Sam Khouiss, Billy “The Croc” Argyros and Julian Powell.  The final results were as follows:
1st – Ken Eastwood $8,465
2nd – John Dalessandri $5,866
3rd – Joseph Cabret $4,380
4th – Con Tsapkounis $3,267
5th – Oliver Gill $2,367
6th – Sam Khouiss $1,782
7th – Tom Di Pasquale $1,485
8th – Rainer Quel $1,188
9th – John Homan $891
Join us tomorrow at 7:10pm where the team at PokerNetwork will be bringing you all the action from Event #3: $340 No Limit Holdem Terminator with all live updates being found at http://www.pokernetwork.com/reporting.


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