2008 Victorian Poker Championships Day 3 - Paul Taylor Leads!

Posted at 05:03 2008-08-06

The third day of the 2008 Victorian Poker Championships saw the Crown Poker Room buzzing with excitement as a range of events and players took their turn on the felt.

The early risers enjoyed the 10am $100 Pot Limit Omaha event, with 72 players taking to the felt. Here are the results:

1st Tony Green - $2,172
2nd Jason White - $1,427
3rd Tim Healy - $931
4th Lou Svizzero - $621
5th Rowan Barratt - $465
6th Emir Osmanagic - $341
7th Peter Kaltzidis - $248

At 4pm the red carpet was rolled out for the Celebrity/Media Event where plenty of laughs and sparkling beverages were enjoyed.  Notable players included Shane Warne, Gareth Edwards and Joe Hachem, PokerNews’ own Damon Rasheed and Robert Huxley, as well as a host of local personalities and celebrities.

As the giggles of the Celebrity Event wrapped up, 346 players entered the fray at 7pm for Event #3: $340 No Limit Holdem Terminator event.  This event has proved very popular with players enjoying the format of collecting a $100 bounty for eliminating one of their opponents.  Notable players included Sarah Bilney, Peter Aristidou, Andrew Demetriou, Joe Hachem, Sam Khouiss, Leo Boxell, Jozef Berec, Antonio Casale, David Steicke and Shane Warne.

The day was full of large confrontations as players gambled to collect their opponent’s bounties.  Many joined their victims on the rail, but as the day ticked close to 5am, only the final ten remained.  Peter Aristidou held the lead for most of the evening, until Paul Taylor emerged late in the day to claim the overnight chip lead.  The final table lineup is as follows:

Seat 1: Stiven Strmecki 67,000 (5 Bounties Collected)
Seat 2: Peter Aristidou 124,000 (7)
Seat 3: Tim Clarke 36,000 (3)
Seat 4: Paul Triandafillou 156,000 (5)
Seat 5: Paul Pedersen 55,000 (3)
Seat 6: Marlon Goonawardana 77,500 (9)
Seat 7: Paul Taylor 286,000 (5)
Seat 8: Damien Elsing 242,000 (8)
Seat 9: Michael Obrien 160,500 (6)
Seat 10: Simon Cleal 180,000 (6)

Join us tomorrow from 4pm where the team at PokerNetwork will be bringing you all the action from the final table of Event #3 as well as the action from Event #4: $230 No Limit Holdem with Rebuys. Live updates can be found at http://www.pokernetwork.com/reporting

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