2008 Victorian Poker Championships Day 4 - Stud, Terminator and Rebuy

Posted at 15:51 2008-08-07
The fourth day of the Victorian Poker Championships began with the $100 7 Card Stud tournament. With a starting field of only 30 it would be over in quick fashion with local Crown regular “Carwash” George Cotaidis taking the tournament down in his first attempt at 7 Card Stud.
1st – George Cotaidis $815
2nd – Michael Fisicaro $638
3rd – Trung Tran - $485
4th – Mark Bounader $359
5th – Luke McLean $255
With a long night of poker previously, 10 tired players returned for the final table of Event 3: $340 No Limit Hold'em Terminator and it would be Irishman Michael Obrien emerging as the tournament champion.
After hitting running tens early into the final table to crack the pocket aces of Tim Clarke, Obrien never looked back as players departed one by one eventually leaving Paul Triandafillou to battle it out heads up against Obrien. With heads up play not lasting too long it would be Obrien’s {Ah}{7h} flushing out Triandafillou in second place when his {Ad}{4s} was no match on the {Kh}{Jh}{Ks} {4h} {9d} board.
1st – Michael Obrien $15,224
2nd – Paul Triandafillou $10,380
3rd – Marlon Goonawardana $7,712
4th – Paul Taylor $6,228
5th – Peter Aristidou $4,844
6th – Damien Elsing $3,979
7th – Simon Cleal $3,144
8th – Tim Clarke $2,422
9th – Stiven Strmecki $1,557
10th – Paul Pedersen $1,038
Today also saw the Event #4: No Limit Hold’em with Rebuys kick off at 7:10pm. With a 121-player field including the likes of Zhi Hong Ma, Tony Dunst, Sarah Bilney, Sam Khouiss, Julian Powell, Peter Aristidou and Graeme Putt, a total of 471 rebuys and add-ons were conducted.
PokerNetwork’s Young Gun of the Month, Jonathan “xMONSTERxDONGx” Karamalikis was aggressive as always after being in for over 11 rebuys and was not alone in having a rebuy count that went into double figures. That aggressive approach would gain him the chip lead during the middle stages of the tournament and wouldn’t be relinquished until his elimination on the final table. With Karamalikis out of the way in 3rd place it would be Anthony Donjerkovic who would prevail as champion in the early hours of Thursday morning as he eliminated Hui Mai when he called the all-in from Mai with {Ad}{Qh} and was up against {2s}{3s}. The final board read {10h}{8s}{Qd} {9h} {5c} and Donjerkovic would take home the title of Event $4: No Limit Hold’em with Rebuys champion, the first prize of $20,000 and the prestigious trophy.
1st – Anthony Donjerkovic $20,000
2nd – Hui Mai $13,333
3rd – Jonathan “xMONSTERxDONGx” Karamaliks $9,483
4th – Con Cotsonitis $7,166
5th – Jimmy Siu $5,633
6th – Andrew Demetriou $4,706
7th – Roy Vandersluis $3,920
8th – Graeme “Kiwi G” Putt $3,137
9th – Kevin Khouiss $2,353
10th – David Lin $1,569
Join us on Friday at 6:10pm for the State of Origin Feature Event as we see both friends and foes battle to see who is the best-of-the-best. The Poker Network team will be providing live updates of all the action, and can be found at http://www.pokernetwork.com/reporting.

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Anthony Donjerkovic Wins Event #4 Anthony Donjerkovic Wins Event #4

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