2008 APT Macau Recap

Posted at 16:41 2008-09-18
After a successful stop in Manila where David Saab would emerge as the eventual champion the second leg for the Asian Poker Tour was in Macau; a small island off the coast of China, originally settled by the Portuguese.
With a guaranteed $US1,500,000 prizepool and $US500,000 first prize it was going to be tough to fill the guarantee with only a buy-in of $US5,300. This was no more evident in the satellites leading up to the final day of the main event where overlay of up to four seats were occurring on a regular basis.
Day 1A would start with 103 players, but only 23 would bag their chips at days end. A starting table of JC Tran, Liz Lieu, David Saab and Harry Demetriou wouldn’t last too long as Tran and Saab where eliminated in the same hand early on in play. David “Chino” Rheem would lose the minimum after the action was checked to the river on a board reading {7s}{2s}{6c}{Kd}{Ah} Rheem would fire out 2,500 before facing a re-raise to 7,000. Going into the tank he would eventually make the call tabling {Kc}{Ks}, but would be left with a quarter of his starting stack after his opponent tabled {Ac}{Ad}.
Doyle Brunson would exit when he missed his gutshot and over cards, and then would be followed by Lieu when her A-7 was no match against her opponents A-J. Nam Le would be the last of his travelling party to exit following Tran, Rheem, Steve Sung and Quinn Do when his A-10 was outflopped by Q-J. Johnny Chan would be the final elimination of the day when his A-7 was outflopped by Carter Gill’s K-10 when a King peeled on the turn.
Day 1B began with 154 players taking the felt including a handful of Aussie’s such as Grant Levy, Jay Kinkade, Kent Hunter, Michael Pedley, Julian Powell, Julias Colman, Mel Judah, Tony Dunst, Celina Lin, David Steicke, Johnny “yoyo” Vincent, Ewan Morgan and Joel “StrongPlay” Dodds.
Full Tilt’s Huck Seed was short stacked all day and when he was all-in with A-7 against his opponents A-3; that hand would again be the downfall of another player as a three landed on the flop.
After a cruel two-outer exit in the Vic Champs Main Event, Celina Lin would again exit the same way after being all-in on a flop of {2d}{8s}{5h} with {2h}{2c}, her opponent would table {Ts}{Tc} for an overpair. The safe {3c} landed on the turn but when the {Th} hit the river Lin headed to the rail.
Kenny Tran slowly built his stack including this hand against an unknown opponent. With 9,000 already in the pot on a board reading {As}{8c}{6s}{Jc}{Ts} Tran led for 10,000 sending his opponent into the tank for several minutes. He eventually folded and Tran flipped over {3s}{3h}.
John Juanda exited just in time to take up the final seat in the HK$1,000,000 cash game; based in the corner of the tournament room. It would be a good move as he would double early at the expense of APT CEO Chris Parker when Juanda’s {Qh}{Th} would win the virtual coin-flip, all-in on a board reading {Qs}{8h}{4h} against Parker’s {Ks}{Kd} when the {Qc} landed on the turn and {2c} landing on the river. Trying to cover the overlay that had been guaranteed for this tournament, Parker would have to dig further in his pockets after reportedly re-buying a further two times.
Jay Kinkade would exit at the hands of Grant Levy when his {Js}{Jc} was outflopped by Levy’s {Ac}{Ks} on a final board reading {Qc}{Ah}{Qd}{5s}{6d}, and Joel Dodds at the hands of Michael Pedley when Pedley two-outed Dodds with Jacks against Kings; all-in on a 10-high board leaving 44 players to kick on into Day 2 action.
With 67 players looking to make the eight-handed final table Mel Judah and James Honeybone would be early casualties before JJ Liu would eventually bubble when she was all-in for her last 400 ante with {8d}{8h} against her opponents {Ac}{Qs} who made a broadway straight.
Julian Powell would eventually finish in 33rd for $US6,000 followed by Kent Hunter, 16th for $US15,000, Grant Levy, 12th for $US18,750 and Julias Colman, 10th for $US22,500. With the elimination of Michel Ferrari the final table was set:
Casey Kastle - 456,000
Chong Wing Cheong - 454,000
Rober Karian - 419,000
Yevgeniy Timoshenko - 318,000
Quang Nguyen - 315,000
Julio Diaz - 315,000
Joon Hee Yeah - 160,000
Michael Pedley - 132,000
Michael Pedley would exit just as quick as he arrived being eliminated first hand when he was all-in on a flop of {Jd}{8c}{5c} with {6h}{6s} against Quang Nguyen’s {Kc}{Qc}. The turn fell the {Ac} and river the {Ts} sending Pedley to the rail in 8th place for $US26,250.
The final table would be fairly short as Yevgeniy Timoshenko took control of the chip lead and never let up. Relentless aggression, skilled play and a run of cards making him solely responsible for eliminating every player at the final table apart from Pedley. A dominating performance would see him enter heads-up play with a chip advantage of 2,301,000 to Joon Hee Yeah’s 257,000; a near 9 to 1 chip advantage!
The final hand would be a true sweat for both players as Yeah was all-in holding {Kd}{Qd} against Timoshenko’s {Qc}{Qs}. The flop came down {Jd}{Ad}{6c} sending everyone to their feet in anticipation of a double up or the crowning of a champion. The turn and river fell the {8h} and {3h} leaving Timoshenko as the 2008 Asian Poker Tour Macau Champion and a $US500,000 richer to go along with his Lucite trophy replica of the Galaxy StarWorld Hotel and Casino; where the tournament has been based.


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Yevgeniy Timonshenko Wins 2008 APT Macau! Yevgeniy Timonshenko Wins 2008 APT Macau!

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