2008 Victorian Poker Championships Day 8: Rodrigues Wins Repechage

Posted at 23:03 2008-08-10

Day 8 of the 2008 Victorian Poker Championships began with the re-commencement of Event #5: $550 No Limit Holdem $250,000 Guarantee. 115 players remained and would play down to just one; which would be local cash game player Manny Rodrigues.

After a long heads-up battle with Paul Taylor, Rodrigues would claim his first major win when his {8d}{6s} would eliminate Paul Taylor holding {Js}{5c} on a final board reading {6d}{Jh}{5h}{6c}{7h}.

The top 50 players were payed but here are the final table payouts:

1st – Manny Rodrigues $65,575
2nd – Paul Taylor $44,225
3rd – Colin Peckover $30,500
4th – Garth Kay $24,400
5th – David Lovell $19,825
6th – Marlon Goonawardana $15,250
7th – Bao Hoang $12,200
8th – Ismail Ismail $9,150
9th – Scott Peel $6,100
10th – Kenny Ng $4,575

Today also saw Event #6: $220 PokerPro Mega Stack No Limit Holdem get underway with notables including Quoc Nguyen, George Cotaidis, Ken Eastwood, Jim Sachinidis, Dom and Angie Italiano, Jozef Berec, Sean Dunwoodie, Sarah Bilney and big brother contestant and ex-Crown dealer Nobbi Tanaka.

Starting with a 50,000 bank, levels were quick and so was the action as the starting 90 players were whittled down to a final table late in the evening. The final results were as follows:

1st - Jacob Chen $5,400
2nd - Stephen Shearson $3,402
3rd - Mitchell Carle $2,394
4th - David Slater $1,818
5th - Callum Ford $1,422
6th - Brian Hull $1,188
7th - Angelo Limanis $990
8th - Samir Bodagh $792
9th - Hope Phillips $594

Day 8 didn’t just end with the PokerPro Mega Stack as it also featured the $100,000 Challenge. With each player putting up $10,000 in a winner takes all format, there was again two tables continuing on from the success from the Melbourne Poker Championships. We’ll have a full run down of all the highlights of this feature event for you shortly.

Make sure to join us tomorrow from 12:10pm as the Poker Network team brings you all the action from Event #7: $1,100 H.O.R.S.E live at http://www.pokernetwork/reporting.

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Manny Rodrigues Wins Event 5! Manny Rodrigues Wins Event 5!

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