2008 Victorian Poker Championships Day 13: Pinzone Leads Flight 1

Posted at 17:07 2008-08-16
It has taken nearly two weeks but Day 13 of the Victorian Poker Championships was the day everyone had been looking forward to; the beginning of the Main Event.
150 players took their seat in flight 1 including notables such as Peter Aristidou, Jay ‘Seabeast’ Kinkade, Jason Gray, Billy ‘The Croc’ Argyros, Jamie Pickering, Jonathan ‘xMONSTERxDONGx’ Karamalikis, Eric Assadourian, Shane Warne, Joel ‘StrongPlay’ Dodds, Grant ‘Grunter’ Levy and the 2007 Victorian Poker Championship Main Event champion Jozef Berec.
However it would be a short day for Berec as he would be eliminated early by Marlon Goonawardana when Goonawardana flopped a flush with {9h}{3h} against his set on a {6h}{5h}{2h} {As} {Qs} board. Gareth Edwards would also head to the rail when, in his words, “I got called”. Another bluff and another early tournament exit for Edwards.
Chris Chronis would hold a commanding chip lead early, but when Eric Assadourian called a hefty raise preflop with {8c}{6s} he would double through Chronis holding {Tc}{Ts} when all the money went in on the turn with the final board reading {8d}{8h}{Qc} {7h} {5s}.
The number #1 and #3 ranked Australian online players would meet in the late stages of the day as Jonathan ‘xMONSTERxDONGx’ Karamalikis would be joined by Jay ‘Seabeast’ Kinkade. However Karamalikis wouldn’t be as lucky as Kinkade exiting on one of the final hands of the day. Kinkade would finish with an above average stack of 55,000.
Mario Doria, Emanuel ‘Curly’ Seal and Eric Assadourian would all finish on top of the leaderboard, but it would be Crown regular Michael Pinzone who would finish the day as chip leader with around 200,000 in chips. Pinzone took control of his table after dinner which featured the likes of Seal, Chronis and young gun Julian Powell.
With 150 players taking to the felt, there would only be 47 that remain to take their seats up on Sunday. We saw many players head to the rail including Shane Warne, Jeff Fenech, Michael Tomeny, Dennis Huntly and James Broom, but many more will follow tomorrow as we are expecting an even larger flight 2 field.
Make sure you join the Poker Network team from 12:30pm as we bring all the live action to you at http://www.pokernetwork.com/reporting.


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Michael Pinzone Leads Main Event Day 1a Michael Pinzone Leads Main Event Day 1a

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