Crocky's Corner: 2009 Aussie Millions - Over and Out

Posted at 19:13 2009-02-07

Another wonderful event and after a non stop 2 ½ weeks of playing poker we have run out of the poker furnace right into a heat wave in Melbourne. Some of the big guns were missing in Lindgren, Bloch, Matusow, Lederer , but Jonno and his crew kept the Tournaments and Satellites running and  worked tirelessly to make this years Aussie Millions another memorable event.

Finally we can boast an Aussie has won the Aussie Millions.

Stewart Scott
•    Congratulations to Stewart Scott, Champion of the 2009 Aussie Millions Main Event (AU$2,000,000)!
Joe Hachem threw down the challenge to all his countrymen on Day 1a with Stewart stepping up to the plate, now we must go one step further and have a local boy win in 2010.

One thing I was disappointed with was the big cash limit game which has run like a clock for the last 10 years, struggled to get going in 2009. Surprisingly the best game was on Australia day where a 400-800 3 game rotation ran into the early hours of Tuesday morning. (Holdem-Omaha High-Omaha Hi Lo). Missing in action was our CEO Mike Tomeny who would religiously sit down at 6.00 pm every night with 50k in black chips to start the game. Also his Co- commander Aussie Sarah was another absentee, both parties were sadly missed.

One of my favourite events at the Aussie Millions is the Bounty Event; I just love that the player must act within 20 seconds and when we get to 32 players we have a redraw seeding the players from highest to lowest on each table. Eliminating the Bounty component would be a plus in my opinion as I have seen some unsavory deals been made by bounties the last 2 years. I would love to see more events with a 20 second time limit. The young guns played an entertaining heads up match, eventual winner Saidal Wardak and Ben Delaney. Both players were aggressive with plenty of re-raising and the crowd was very boisterous to say the least. Congratulations to both combatants who will be around the poker scene for a while based on their performances.

Another popular win was Mark Kassis winning Event 6 and pocketing $160,326 and one of the 17 gold rings. He defeated another young superstar in online winner xMONSTERxDONGx, known in the live poker world as Jonathan Karamalikis. This was another entertaining heads up battle which lasted close to 90 minutes. The support was overwhelming for both parties, top effort gentlemen. The Lebanese boys were all there riding Mark home, Khouiss, Mick the Hoon and Helen Kassis erupted with screams on the Kassis victory. It should be clearly pointed out that marks record is quite impressive as he doesn’t really play many of the tournaments around Australia.

The young guns were on fire but give credit to the Pop guns as well. Mel Judah taking out the $1,100 Omaha Hi Lo in a marathon heads up match up with Rainer Quel which lasted over 3 hours. Lee Nelson maybe old but plays a young mans game also took out the $1,100 Pot Limit Omaha in another heads up clash defeating Rainer Quel as well. Both players were also inducted the Poker Hall of fame so good to see them win the gold rings on offer.

Away from the poker tables we had the Australian Poker Hall of Fame ceremony at Breezes which was a wonderful relaxing night enjoyed by many who attended. All the superstars were there Tony Bloom, Ferguson, Alexander Kostritsyn, Joe Hachem, Gus Hansen etc. Crown really does a magnificent effort in making the Aussie Millions an event to remember.

Funny Moments from 2009 Aussie Millions

Sammy “The Champ” Khouiss was off and running in the first event finishing 5th and collecting $36,550 for his efforts.“Well done Sam” was a friendly response the next day by one of his supporters. Sam replied “What you talking about once I collected I got piranha –rd”.

Mel Judah in the Main event raised on the button only to have Steve Sung re raise him all in. Mel called and the hands were tabled AA vs 2-6. One of the PokerNews reporters came rushing over yelling out “Wait wait which ones Mel’s hand?”
At this stage half the table was on the floor laughing.

David Steicke in the $100,000 tourney when 3 handed bet 100k on a board reading {8d}{Kd}{4s}, turn was {9d} so Steicke led out 150k bet which both streets was called by Tony Bloom. River was a {6d} putting out 4 diamonds in which Steicke fired out a bet of 200k. Tony shook his head and reluctantly passed after studying the body language of his opponent. David turned over {Jh}{Ts} for a complete bluff. David later told Tony he thought he had the Jack of Diamonds and was showing Tony he made a good lay down.

David Steicke
•    David Steicke Wins Event #8: $100,000 High Rollers Challenge (AU$1,200,000)

So another Aussie Millions has come and gone and as we gather our weary poker bodies it won’t be long till we will be looking to 2010 for another 20 days of wonderful poker.

Congratulations to all the winners and a big thanks to Crown, Jonno and his poker staff in making the Aussie Millions one of the worlds best poker tournaments.

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Billy 'The Croc' Aussie Millions wrap up Billy 'The Croc' Aussie Millions wrap up

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